Texans looking for a deal on clothing and other items are in luck this weekend due to the statewide sales tax holiday running from Friday to Sunday.

Many retailers are already gearing up for the extra traffic. Several stores will hold big sales this weekend to aimed at drawing in families doing their back-to-school shopping.

Sherman Chamber of Commerce President Eddie Brown said the weekend is important to families with children.

“In general folks buying clothing and schools supplies are able to save sales tax, which is a significant savings for people with children going back to school,” Brown said.

Academy Sports + Outdoors in Sherman's Operation Manager Keitha McPherson said her organization sees a big boost.

“People can come in and get to save tax on athletic apparel, shoes and certain other items,” McPherson said.

The tax break applies to selected items.

In general the items must be school-related, including clothing, and the final sale price must be under $100.

McPherson said the items her store is seeing the most attention to are Tanjun's from Nike and Clouadfoam shoes from Adidas. She is also seeing an uptick in backpacks.

“A lot of shoes are 25 percent off right now. Nike shoes normally are over $50, you can get them down to $42,” McPherson said

McPherson said there was a ramp up the week leading up to the weekend. She also expected to see strong sales the following week as some schools start later than others.

She was enthusiastic about the response her store receives during the holiday in previous years.

“Customers love it, not only do they get to save tax, but stores will also tend to do their big sales to get customers into the doors,” McPherson said.

McPherson said there is a trend, especially with larger families, to hold off much of their school shopping for the holiday.

Office Depot Manager Mark Bisson echoed her sentiments.

He said people wait for the weekend to take advantage of the discounts.

As an office supply store Bisson said, the biggest boost they see, in terms of big ticket items, is backpacks during the weekend.

“It's an exciting weekend for a lot of parents. On average, a school supply list is about $80, per kid. A family with two or three kids is going to see significant savings,” Bisson said.

The impact on the local economy could reach beyond just those directly selling products on the list, said one city employee.

City of Sherman Community and Support Services Manager Nate Strauch said the tens-of-thousands of people who will travel to Sherman over the weekend to take advantage of the tax holiday will still also be eating in local restaurants, fueling up at local gas stations, and purchasing other items that aren't on the exempt list.

“It's one of the benefits of having a retail-focused economy. Those who come to Sherman to shop are still having a positive impact on our local economy,” Strauch said.

Many of the retailers provide supply lists for the parents to reference while doing their shopping.

A full list of the tax exempt can be found at https://comptroller.texas.gov/taxes/publications/98-490/.