Accompanying the flurry of peppermint flavor to nearly everything at this time of year is a tidal wave of holiday decor. From department stores to homes, everyone is getting into the holiday spirit.

Those currently selling their homes fall into a difficult situation when it comes to decorating. It is hard to know what constitutes a tasteful bit of holiday cheer and what may be distracting.

Beverly Stein with Jenel McGrath Realtors believes subtlety is the key when decorating.

“I’m not too much on décor myself,” Stein said. “But in my opinion in today’s society, I think it would be good to have some decorations as long as you keep them subtle. Maybe put out some poinsettias and decorate with reds and greens.”

Scott Broiles with Sher-Den Realty explained if the seller is still living in the home, it is important to decorate in a way that suits them.

“I say after Thanksgiving, yes dress it up,” Broiles said. “Not every body is going to like what you do. I think it helps make the home feel more homey. There’s nothing wrong with getting into the Christmas spirit.”

Some holiday decor is religiously affiliated. Stein says it is okay to display your beliefs as a homeowner.

“As far as following any real religious theme, you don’t want to offend anyone but we do have a reason for the season,” Stein said. “But don’t go overboard with that. There’s nothing wrong with letting people know what you believe, but it can be subtle so you don’t offend anyone.”

Broiles added another factor to keep in mind is the temperature of the house during colder months.

“You need to have it to where it feels warm in the home,” Broiles said. “If it’s too cold, buyers will rush through the showing. You want the wow factor. You want it to feel homey.”

Many people use holiday scented candles and air fresheners during these months. Stein also encourages moderation in the use of these scents.

“I think during the season it would be okay for a little more scented candles,” Stein said. “Usually, I discourage scented candles because buyers may be concerned that some bad smell is being covered up by the candles. But a small fragrance can be great. You might be able to get away with a little bit more during the holidays.”

In regard to the exterior of a home, Broiles explained classic white lights are always a favorite.

Stein explained the major issue sellers run into with holiday decor is displaying a large tree in a small room.

“A huge tree will make the room look even smaller,” Stein said. “It will take away from the rest of the room and be a big distraction. If you have a huge room then it doesn’t make a difference. But for smaller rooms, use a smaller tree.”