The era of “cookie cutter” homes may be nearing an end locally. As the Metroplex continues to weather an onslaught of new construction, buyers are looking toward North Texas as a viable place to relocate. Those buyers are often in search of room to spread out.

In the search for bigger lot sizes some buyers are willing to sacrifice square-footage for acreage. Glenda Gilliam of Century 21 Dean Gilbert Realtors, said she has had trouble selling homes in neighborhoods with homes too close together.

“Actually yeah, I don’t think the house is quite as big a deal as it used to be,” Gilliam said. “People prefer to have yard size now. They definitely want bigger yards and are willing to sacrifice in terms of home size to get it.”

Gilliam went on to explain that it all comes down to budget. Buyers who can afford a large home and a large lot will do so. But those buyers with budgetary restraints will opt for a smaller home if it makes a larger lot more attainable.

Brad Rhodes with Easy Life Realty said large lots are not for everyone, however. Those wanting to avoid lawn maintenance will often choose a property with little to no yard.

“I see all of it — people that want acreage and don’t care about house and those that want a zero lot line,” Rhodes said. “Garden homes are going to be a part of a community near the Hilton Garden Inn. These are more popular with retirees who want a home and not a lot of maintenance. But also with young professionals.”

Gilliam believes that a large factor affecting homebuyers in the Texoma area is the affordability of the homes in comparison to the Metroplex.

“You can take the same house in Sherman compared to Anna and there’s a price difference,” Gilliam said. “And for Collin County there’s a price difference. People are moving here to be able to afford a larger lot or larger home.”

Buyers willing to make the drive to work are looking toward Grayson County as an option to escape overcrowding and high pricing within the Metroplex. After time spent in crowded Dallas neighborhoods, buyers seem to be on the hunt for wide open spaces.