Feb. 11, 1954

Feb. 11, 1954


Harry Baker, Sherman attorney, has been selected as chairman for Grayson’s annual Red Cross Drive. Baker headed Sherman’s successful 1952 local drive and was chosen because of his excellent organizing record in that campaign.

Baker said that in accepting the assignment, he was counting on full cooperation of leaders in all Grayson County cities and towns.

A Sherman-Denison delegation, headed by E.B. Chapman and Fred Conn, wish to bid for a Grayson County Air Force Academy with permission from Congress. Sam Rayburn will take the brochure of the proposition and present it to President Eisenhower.

The proposed site will be on Lake Texoma.

Feb. 11, 1964


Mrs. Eddie Hodge is the champion of a one-woman campaign to preserve the histocially rich Baily Inglish Cemetery, the last resting place of three veterans from the Texas revolution.

When sleuthing to gather historical material, she seethed to find row upon row of broken headstones turned on their sides. One vandalized grave belongs to the late James Tarleton, a revolutionist who served with the slain defenders of Goliad.

A pair of effaced bois d’arc markers stand at the head of Texas hero, Daniel Rowlett, first representative of Fannin County in the state legislature. Rowlett led the first colony into the county. The grave is 115 years old.

This is the oldest gravesite in Fannin County the first graves dug in 1838, before Bonham formed. The grave of Bailey Inglish himself, the man who founded the settlement called Bois d’arc before becoming Bonham, stands decorated by sculptured figures.

The most recent burial was of Miss Willie Inglish, granddaughter of Inglish.

Feb. 11, 1974


Freshman Rhonda Stull was honored as Grayson County College Homecoming Queen. Miss Stull is an education and counseling major at the college.

Kevin Farley and Dana Burtis were crowned king and queen Friday night at the annual Hughes Junior High School Valentine Variety Show, Donna Piazza and Shelly Middleton, tied for princesses; Greg Crawford was crowned prince of the eight grade, Suzanne Garner and Jeff Knuppel were crowned duchess and duke of the seventh grade.

Students presented a program of variety skits much to the laughter of the junior high.

Feb. 11, 1984


Miss Texas — Dana Rogers of Boerne — will be signing autographs Saturday at the new Kroger store, 721 E. Taylor St.

Miss Rogers, 22, is a communications senior at Texas Wesleyan College. She enjoys dancing, singing and jogging.

Grayson College Vikings are beginning to realize that they just might take home first place in the North Texas Junior College Conference.

Following Thursday night’s 78-69 victory over Cisco at Viking Gym, GCC finds itself tied for second place in the conference, just a half a game behind Ranger.

"If we can win the next two," said Grayson coach Tim Williams, "We’ll be in real good shape."

Feb. 11, 1994


Staff photo — Automobiles were not the only things having trouble getting around Wednesday. Zane Christman lost traction while giving Seth Rose a push on a sled and fell on his face in the ice and snow covering the ground.