Dalton Clayton, 22, of Sachse, pleaded guilty Wednesday afternoon to murder in the 2014 death of Albert Duane Parker, 48, of Denison.

Dalton Clayton, 22, of Sachse, pleaded guilty Wednesday afternoon to murder in the 2014 death of Albert Duane Parker, 48, of Denison.

In accordance with a plea agreement with the Grayson County District Attorney’s Office, Judge Jim Fallon sentenced Clayton to life in prison for the murder charge. Clayton also pleaded guilty to one charge of aggravated robbery, one count of engaging in organized criminal activity and one charge of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver. He drew life sentences for each of those crimes as well. The plea will allow him to serve those sentences concurrently, but he must serve 30 years before he will become eligible for parole.

"I think his testimony kinda says it all," First Assistant Grayson County District Attorney Kerye Ashmore said, referring to the statements Clayton made about taking Mr. Parker out into a field and stabbing him four times in the back and numerous more times in various parts of his body.

Clayton stared straight through Ashmore when the ADA asked if the young man feels any remorse for taking Mr. Parker’s life.

"No" was Clayton’s flat response.

Mr. Parker’s body was found in May 2014 near the 1200 block of Baker Ridge Road, east of Sherman.

"He (Clayton) is a guy that is absolutely without remorse and one of the most coldblooded people I have dealt with in the last 30-some-odd years as a prosecutor," Ashmore added.

Ashmore said he is confident that the four life sentences and Clayton’s testimony about not having any remorse for his crimes will assure that Clayton stays in prison a long time.

Sherman attorney Joe N. Smith represented Clayton on the murder charge.

"I think it was a fair outcome for my client considering the charges against him," said Smith, who was court appointed to the case.

He said his client would have faced a far longer sentence if each of the four charges had been tried separately and then the sentences had been stacked. Stacking a sentence means a defendant has to serve one completely before beginning to serve another.

Ashmore said it was his plan, before the plea agreement, to try to stack the sentences.

Lisa Gibby of Denison has also pleaded guilty to her part in Mr. Parker’s death. Gibby was expected to testify in the state’s case against Clayton.

During her plea, Gibby testified that Mr. Parker was killed because Clayton wanted to make a name for himself with the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas. She said Clayton had heard that members of the gang wanted Mr. Parker dead.

In court on Wednesday, Clayton refused to name any members of that gang. He admitted to being involved in the sale of methamphetamine and to taking part in the robbery of a man who had experienced car trouble at Wal-Mart in Denison and was unlucky enough to be happened upon by Clayton, Gibby and their drug dealer.

Clayton said he was the only one responsible for Mr. Parker’s death. He said he and Gibby didn’t talk about the murder after they left Mr. Parker in the field. Ashmore asked Clayton if he was freaked out because he had just taken a man’s life or if Clayton was cool and collected after the murder.

"I had things to do," Clayton said. "My mind went on what I had to do."

What he had to do, he said, was get back to the hotel to await the arrival of more drugs to sell. He said he was expecting about $6,000 worth of methamphetamine to be delivered to the hotel.

While Clayton remained emotionless during his testimony and even smirked at times while answering Ashmore’s questions, Mr. Parker’s three sisters did not hold back their emotions during their victim impact statements.

This was not the first time the sisters had been to court to hear someone talk about hurting their brother. In 2010, Mr. Parker was beaten in the head with a sledgehammer, burned with a torch and left for dead when members of the ABT attacked him.

Those people, one sister said, were bad folks. They were tough. She said Clayton had killed her brother to try to get in good with those people but it probably wouldn’t work.

Though Gibby had previously testified that Clayton had been told that Mr. Parker was attacked and beaten out of the gang because he had messed with the woman of another member, Mr. Parker’s sister said that wasn’t the case. The sister, who asked that her name not be used because she feared retaliation, said Mr. Parker was attacked for having asked a captain in the gang what gave him the authority to give orders. She said four men in the gang jumped her brother for asking that question. She described her brother as someone who would help anyone and who was never quite right after being beaten by the gang.

"You killed him for nothing because you want to be ABT. They are not going to like you. You put a patch on before you had the authority (to do so)," she said.

She said that members of the gang even questioned Clayton about wearing the patch. And, she said, Clayton’s crimes drew attention to members of the gang and caused some to go to prison. She said Clayton thinks he is going to go to prison and be protected by ABT member but he might need to be protected from them.

"You are just a 22-year-old punk," she said.

Another one of the sisters said, "You are a freaking coward. I hope you enjoy your time (in prison)."