BONHAM — A Fannin County cold case that is more than a decade old will soon be re-examined by a new expert.

BONHAM — A Fannin County cold case that is more than a decade old will soon be re-examined by a new expert.

Fannin County District Attorney Richard Glaser approached the Commissioner’s Court on Monday morning about funding for a medical examiner to review the autopsy of Jennifer Harris, a Fannin County woman who was killed in 2002. Glaser said that he hopes "a new set of eyes" and advanced science could help with the investigation.

"This is our county’s most high-profile case," Glaser said.

County Judge Spanky Carter agreed that working to solve the case is important and said he believes the citizens of Fannin County want justice for Ms. Harris and her family.

Ultimately, the Court voted for Glaser to use $3,000 from the District Attorney’s budget to pay for the expert. Should the D.A.’s office need $3,000 later in the fiscal year, Glaser can return to the Court and they will address it then.

Jennifer Harris, 28, was last seen alive on Mother’s Day of 2002 leaving her grandparents’ house in Bonham. She was considered missing until, six days later, fishermen found her nude body in the Red River near Denison. Ms. Harris’ death has been investigated by the Fannin County Sheriff’s Office, the Texas Rangers, the FBI and other agencies, but who killed her and why remains unsolved.

Ms. Harris’s autopsy was conducted in 2002 by a medical examiner in Oklahoma, Glaser said. The autopsy has not been reviewed since.

In October of last year, Glaser spoke with a Texas Ranger who had recently been granted permission to re-examine the case. The Ranger wanted a medical examiner at the Southwest Institute of Forensic Sciences in Dallas to review the autopsy, but did not have the funds. Subsequently, Glaser said that he would try to obtain funds for the expert.

"I think every case is a solvable case," Glaser said. "We should never give up hope."

Glaser said that this new development does not have anything to do with the TV show, "Cold Justice," expressing an interest in the case.