Grayson County commissioners Tuesday approved renewing the County’s contract with Dr. Jerry Bennett as the County’s Health Authority.

Grayson County commissioners Tuesday approved renewing the County’s contract with Dr. Jerry Bennett as the County’s Health Authority.

The Court has to appoint a County Health Authority every two years and Grayson County Health Department Director John Teel told commissioners Tuesday that Bennett holds board certifications in emergency medicine, family medicine and Geriatrics. "He is the only M.D. I have met that holds triple board certifications," Teel said.

"He has done a fantastic job for us the last couple of years," Teel continued before reminding the Court that Bennett helped the County deal with the Blue Green Algae issue at Lake Texoma as well as the recent outbreak of Shigella in the County.

Grayson County Commissioner Phyllis James made the motion to renew Bennett’s appointment and it was seconded by Commissioner David Whitlock.

When it was time to discuss the matter, Grayson County Judge Drue Bynum took the floor.

"Dr. Bennett on the behalf of me and the Court you have done a magnificent job as the County Health Authority. In my seven going on eight years here, I have never seen a doctor get as involved our program as you have and I commend you for it," Bynum said. "I know it hasn’t been easy sometimes. I know John (Teel) and I ask you to stretch and go places at odd hours of the day and night but you have done that thanklessly and I just want to tell you that I appreciate it very, very much."

According to the Texas State Historical Association, the position Bennett accepted for a second term Tuesday goes back to 1891 when state county judges were empowered to appoint a part-time county physician to make and enforce local quarantine regulations. Later the position was called the county health officer and the person holding the position was required to be a licensed physician of good standing. The person is charged with giving (or over seeing) health care to people in county jails and those who receive indigent health care from the County. He also is charged with working with the state Department of Health and Human Services, "in matters relating to quarantine, inspection, disease prevention, and vital statistics."

In addition to renewing Bennett’s contract, the Court also approved the following:

• a request to approve interlocal agreement with the city of Howe for road repairs;

• a request to approve street repairs on Vernon Street in the city of Bells for a cost of $2,500;

• a request to permit road bores on O’Hanlon and Spalding Roads in Precinct 3;

• a request to approve a road bore on Knight Road in Pct. 4;

• a request to declare the listed Mack truck from Pct. 4 as surplus for sale at auction as presented;

• a request to award contracts for the annual supply of aggregates;

• a request to award the annual rock hauling contract;

• a request to declare a couple of vehicles from the District Attorney’s Office as surplus for sale at auction as presented.