It looks like it’s going to be a super crappie fishing spring on Texoma. Remember all of those little crappie I wrote about we were having to throw back last fall? I think our generosity is going to be paid back big time.

Already some crappie are moving into baited boathouses on the lake and they are slabs for the most part. Last Sunday I was sitting at home painting jig heads and got a phone call from a friend to get to the boathouse, the bite was on.

In no time I was down there and he had already caught seven big crappie and lost a couple more. That was when the front was coming and I think it turned on the bite. I quickly got a Blakemore 1/8 oz Road Runner with a Black and Chartreuse plastic bait and in no time, I caught two barn door crappie. I missed another and then donated my Road Runner to a tree in the slip.

We fished about another 45 minutes, the front hit and it was getting cold. I gave him my two and he had almost 3/4 of a five-gallon bucket filled with crappie. As the water gets warmer these good eating fish will be available to the bank anglers. All they will need to look for is brush in the water or rocks and one of the best spots with the lake high will be any of the many creeks in Hagerman or the oil pads.

This month will also see Bobby Platt’s 13th Annual Crappie Fishing Tournament going out of Big Mineral Marina. March 24 is the tournament date. The fee is $30 for adults if entered before March 17; after that it goes to $40. The big crappie pot is $10 before March 17 and $15 after. All of the money will be paid back to the top 10 places.

There will also be a tournament for the kids who want to fish from the bank while the tournament is going on; it’s free for children 12 and under. They will be fishing for trophies, every child entered will get one, plus prizes and rod and reels.

Entry forms are available on line at or contacting Wes or Jan Golden at 214-793-6998 or Bobby or Cindy Platt at 817-253-0739.

As always, this tournament is for bragging rights, fun and a little money. A polygraph will be given. There will no griping, arguing or complaining allowed. I’ll have reminders in my articles before the cutoff date for the $30 entry fee runs out.

You have heard getting old is bad. Well I’m not there yet but every now and then I have to wonder how much longer I can go.

I keep my boat in a garage away from the house. I have had a lot of friends tell me horror stories of what rats and mice can do to a boat. For some reason they like electrical wire and can chew up a lot in no time. Mice build nests in out of the way places using about anything not tied down.

To prevent this, I keep mice and rat poison set around in my garage and one in the boat. I also have several mouse traps and one rat trap up on shelves and sometimes on the floor. Well seems like my tremendous brain forgot where I put one. I went looking for a board.

My neat stack had fallen over for some reason and I had been walking around it. It’s dark where the wood was and I don’t see well in low light conditions. You guessed it — I was moving boards and all at once I found the lost mouse trap. I yelled and jumped up shaking my hand; it had a finger in a death grip. It wouldn’t sling off, I had to lift the smasher to get my finger out. Those little traps hurt. Biggest anything I had ever trapped.

Being a weekly outdoor writer about Lake Texoma I have to get out and go fishing to get my information every week, terrible job. I don’t write about other lakes unless it’s something that would be of interest to my readers. I write about Texoma and share what I’m doing every week and report on things going on with our Big Windy.

Tuesday a time or two I thought I saw Granny’s Bloomers go flying over, the wind blew. Wednesday I woke up to a friendlier wind and needing to have something to report saw me on the lake running to one of my better spots.

Pulling in my first cast had a smallmouth going 3.6 pounds on my Bill Dance scales. I hollered at my son-in-law John, who was waiting on his customers in his boat slip that I could still catch them. Two casts later I got a smallmouth a lot bigger than the first one in the boat. On my trusty scales it went 4.8 pounds.

I stayed in the area for another hour and never had a bite. I was a two-hit wonder. Both fish came out of 20-foot water on a YUM Rainbow Trout Money Minnow doused with YUM F2 Shad scent. I was using my usual slow retrieve.

The last few trips I’ve taken seems to have the fish moving shallower. I found 48 to 51-degree water where I was fishing. The morning news said lake temp was 46. I still wonder where they get their reports.

Organize those tackle boxes, clean and don’t over oil your reels. If you put on fresh line don’t over fill the spool, it will cut down on your backlashes prime fishing time is approaching.