Thank God for smart women and Him letting me be married to one. Monday, we had one of those infamous Preston Shores power surges that ONCOR can’t seem to be able to solve. We had just purchased a new tower, hadn’t had it three weeks and even with a good surge protector we lost it.

Susan spent two days online down loading an instruction book and talking to a Dell technician and stressing out but by golly she got it back in service. I stayed as far away as I could. Had I been fighting with it as long as she did it would have some bullet holes in it and a shoe print where I kicked it out in the yard. So much for me and that information highway Clinton wanted. I’m still on the dirt road.

After having a tournament scheduled for Texoma on February 10 was canceled due to weather, this past Sunday saw 218 teams fishing on a cold, windy day try again. Highport Marina was full of bass boats and swarming high school kids heading for the food.Some had to wait a little before getting in the chow line if they had fish to weigh.

In this tournament of Schools versus Texoma, our lake won by a landslide. The 218 teams fishing only had 62 teams with fish to bring to the scales. They weighed in 105 fish. They were nice fish though as the average weight per fish was 3.20 pounds. Only one team from Ector had a five-fish limit — the rest had four, three, two and one per boat.

There was one notable fish caught though, a 6.12 smallmouth was weighed in that is a new Jr. Angler state record. They were holding the fish in a tank till a TPW Game Warden or fisheries rep got there with the forms to certify the fish as a record after it was weighed again.

Early on our cove had a lot of boats come in and leave after fishing for a while and I never saw a fish caught. Ginger and I sat in my cart for a while watching. Later in the day we went down again and there was a bass boat tied up to our dock.

I went out to talk to the captain to see if he was having trouble. He laughed and said no, my two team members are putting on extra clothes they got cold. He had an all-girl fishing team. Ginger bristled up and stepped between me and the first girl coming down the walkway. She was putting on a parka top and hadn’t got her head out yet. Ginger was not sure what kind of bear it was but she was ready if it came closer to us.

When her head came out Ginger sat down by me and got a pat from the girl. Hats off to all those teens and their adult captains who fished; they all were tough as it was cold on the lake with the wind cutting like a knife. It was one of many times I was glad I could watch and not have to fight the weather.

The top five teams and schools were: 1. Ponder, Dean and Trent Atkins, four fish, 15.96 pounds; 2. Ector, Kaleb Blakey and Beau Collins, five fish, 14.17 pounds; 3. Lovejoy, Trent Martelloni and Coale Barr, three fish, 12.17 pounds, and this team also had the new Jr State Record smallmouth; 4. Bowie, Blake Allen and Will Hamilton, three fish, 11.70 pounds; 5. Argyle, Christian Burkhart and Grant Shaw, three fish, 11.11 pounds.

With the tough fishing reports I’m getting on bass and the number of big stripers being caught now by guides, I’m thinking of asking my son-in-law John Blasingame Head Fish Skinner/ Guide at Adventure Texoma Outdoors where and what tips and lures to use just in case I really get hard up to catch something. Go to his website for pictures of his latest catches and fishing reports.

As this week was not being conductive to good fishing weather, I thought I would look back in my records for this time last year. The lake was about a foot lower and water temp was 50 degrees, Cloudy day, light NE wind.

I caught eight fish, best was a three-pound smallmouth. All fish came on a swimbait with a 3-inch YUM Money Minnow fishing slow and bumping the bottom. I didn’t record the air temp but best I can remember it was probably in the mid 50s.

When you aren’t on the water having records of past trips help you add a few more lines to your articles. Be careful, stay warm and we will see you on the lake next month. It will be big bass time starting next month.