I don't know where it came from but there is more new brush in Little Mineral than I knew about. I've been lazy for almost a month, fishing for and catching crappie. That's the reason I didn't know about this new brush.

The lake is also rising; I guess it's from all the storms they have had lately in Oklahoma. Bass fishing was good two weeks ago; now it and stripers have slowed.

Just like in a tournament, you find the fish and you load the boat. If you don't find them it's a long day. Guides are still limiting out but they are staying out longer to do it.

There are surfacing stripers and sandbass all over the lake but size can vary. Daylight, midday and late evening seem to be the best times according to the guides working out of our cove.

Both live bait, slabs, Coho's and Rattle baits like Cotton Cordell Spots, along with Top water Baits like the Heddon Spook, big Rebel Pop R, and Cotton Cordell Pencil Poppers are in use and working. There are still birds working and anytime you see them working check it out because there are almost always fish under them.

Don't pass up shallow water — a lot of fish are being caught on flats in 3-10 feet of water. But that doesn't mean there aren't any deeper ones. Adventure Texoma Outdoors Owner and Guide John Blasingame is fishing deeper water and catching some big fish.

Weather is cooling so just go fishing. You will never catch any sitting in front of a TV.

Monday I turned lumberjack. We have — or we had — a big maple tree shading one of our decks. It got sick and has been shedding leaves all summer. Susan looked up maple tree disease and Neil Sperry had a page on what had ours. It was a goner and he said never plant another maple where this one was.

Well I got tired of getting maple leaves out of our fountain so Susan and I decided it had to go. Getting a ladder and my electric chain saw, I started trimming I was stopped by the boss and had to move potted plants so they would not get crushed.

I was sawing; limbs were falling. I was stopped again as she had lights strung around our middle deck and didn't want them broke. I assured her there was plenty of room to drop the limb. Maple is a funny wood. It breaks before you want it to.

Chips were flying, the limb broke and took out a string of lights on the deck. After checking the lights that were laying on the deck, every one was ok. I stood up, said none were broken and stepped on one as I was leaving. Not good.

After that I assured her the next big limb would miss our bird bath, it did except for some small limbs that hit it. I had the hang of it now and put a rope on each limb I was cutting so she could pull it where I wanted it to hit. Well, it went pretty well and I just missed our outdoor grill by a whisker.

Dropping one in the flower bed didn't do much to improve my wood-cutting in her eyes. Tuesday I took all of those limbs down to our ramp and made fish houses out of them.

Wednesday I went bass fishing. I ran to the back of Little Mineral and that's when I found out how much new brush had floated in. I started with a white Booyah Buzz bait. I had fish swirl on it but not take it. I tried several other lures but they never got a bite.

Finally I picked up my Shaky Head rod with a Booyah Big show shaky head 1/8th ounce jig and putting on YUM 3-inch Wooly Hog Tail in Watermelon Green I started fishing shallow and chunking at everything in the water I could see.

I started catching bass. One of the chunkiest spotted bass I had seen in a while was spitting out those freshwater crabs that live in Texoma as I swung him in the boat. As I moved down the rocky bank I continued to catch bass.

About 11 a.m. I quit fishing to go help a friend move his Jet Ski anchors back to his house after he got them out of the lake. I had left my boat in my crappie boat slip and instead of going back out to fish I commenced to fishing for those tasty fish the crappie. I caught six in about 15 minutes I didn't keep any Wednesday.

Thursday I went to go on the other side of the lake and took Mike Daugherty out fishing. I'll let you know how we did next week.

My weekly pick: After dining on Tiger last Friday night our Tigers said they tasted a little funny. This week they will be served sheep and goats as the S&S Rams get eat up. Gunter wins big.