Things Just Happen on Lake Texoma

Anyone who visits or lives on Texoma know things just happen. Well, readers, I have a story to tell. This is just a short summary of what happened.

I have a friend from Dallas. I take care of his lake property. He is 78, I’m 74. You would think that living that long would make us smart enough to not do dumb things. He has a boathouse you have to be in good shape to walk down the cliff to get to. Going down isn’t bad — going up is another story.

He has two motors that run his boat lifts. We went down to check out one. When he turned the motor on, dirt chunks began flying out of the motor, then it quit. Now this motor was on a beam over 30 feet of water and weighed about 35 pounds. He wanted us to take it off so he could go to Dallas and have it rebuilt.

We rounded up two long 2x6s, one steel purling, a 1x8 and one more 2x6 with a carpet cover. We had a step ladder and we laid boards and the beam every which way we could but it wasn’t level anywhere. I was nominated to go up and take the motor loose. One of the 2x6s had a corkscrew turn in it and the purling was lower than the 2x6s.

Now here is where age should have said “stop.” I started up the ladder it tipped to the right. I grabbed the beam to save me. He had me holding the motor while he unbolted it. After a couple of near really wet events and almost dropping important parts in the lake, we got it off and on the floor. He took it to Dallas to get it fixed and I climbed the ladder again when he brought it back to complete the job.

The next project he wanted us to do was take his Ranger to the lake and put it in the water so he could put it on the lift. We got to the Grandpappy ramp. I backed it in the water and it started. I backed in fast, hit the brakes, the boat flew off the trailer and I could hear him yelling.

The motor had died, wouldn’t start and he was drifting toward Oklahoma. Well, I was ready to wish him a happy trip because there was no boat around to bring him back. It dawned on me he had a trolling motor. It’s one of those where you step on a flat switch to change direction.

He got it in the water and was going in circles, then he said it only goes in reverse before he figured it out and turned it around. I had him go upwind and drift down to the trailer where I would grab it and pull it in.

I got it and started pulling but boat ramps are slick. I gave a mighty heave and slipped, my feet were in the air above the boat, the rest of me was underwater. Getting back on my feet I was dripping water like a retriever. Thank God it was my head that hit the concrete — it’s the hardest thing about me.

We got the boat loaded and I took it to the shop. I’m so looking forward to doing this all over again when we get it back. This is one of those “you should have been there” events.

There is something coming up on Texoma that I wholeheartedly support every year. This year will see the eighth year of Operation Welcome Home, a free fishing event for our military. Jerry Dorsey started this event to show them they were supported in Texomaland.

The first year it had a medium turnout of troops. It has grown every year and looks like we may be hosting 125 or more. I’ll go into more detail on where they are coming from in later articles. The reason I’ve starting now is to get people to thinking about what they can do to help out. It will be November 3-5.

While many Texoma guides are volunteering their time and boats, more boats are needed. Money can also be used to help defray the cost of putting the troops up and feeding them. Texomaland, if you can help out with a boat or a donation or just helping out give Jerry a call at (903-786-3981).

Last week saw the Costa FLW Bass Tournament on Texoma. For the first time in a while local anglers took first place in both Pro angler and Co Angler divisions. Jeff Reynolds, a Platter, Oklahoma native and Cabela Pro, won on the Pro side beating out another local angler, Don McFarland, for the win.

Jeff picked up a cool $80,000 with a total weight of 51.9 pounds. McFarland, from Whitesboro, had 47.1 pounds and led the final weigh-in till Jeff, who weighed in last, took his place on the stand.

Jeff said he used two baits, a Heddon one knocker Spook and a Zoom Trick worm. Jeff said he used the Spook around the shad schools and the worm in brush piles. Jeff mostly fished from Platter North. Jeff had 16.1 pounds for 10th place on Day 1. He moved to first on Day 2 with 19.43 pounds, and Day 3 saw him put the nail in the coffin with a limit going 15.9 pounds.

Dan Wilson, a Pilot Point angler fishing on the co angler side, had 37.15 pounds and picked up $32,200 dollars. Dan said he basically used a KVD Strike King Splash Popping bait for all his fish on the final day. Fishing in the back of the boat he says he doesn’t watch his pro much. Dan says he looks at the water to see what it has to offer and has faith in the baits he uses and they work. He said his fish came off of long, flat points.

This Saturday will see the Texoma Bass Club Two-State Tournament take place. Sign up will be at the Tackle Box on North 289 Friday from 6-9 p.m. and Saturday from 5-6:30 a.m. at Highport boat ramp. First cast at 6:30 a.m. must be checked in or in weigh-in line by 3 p.m. Entry fee is $125 per team and includes big bass pot.

One hundred percent payback after expenses. Places paid will depend on number of entries. Only smallmouth, largemouth and spotted bass 14 inches and longer will be weighed. There will be grab bags and prizes given to anglers not placing.

The grab bags will have lures and plastics donated by one of my long time sponsors, Pradco Outdoors Fishing Brand. With the company picking up two new lines of hard baits, Norman and Bandit, we now have what I consider the best line up of baits around.

Go fishing. Lake traffic is winding down. My football prediction for Friday night: my alma mater Gunter in a battle of Tigers will win and go to 21 and 0. It’s Homecoming. I’ll be there.