HOWE — The Quinlan Ford Panthers continued their undefeated season with the a shutout victory over the Howe Bulldogs, 28-0, in non-district action on Friday.

The Panthers (4-0) took possession, opened with a 40-yard pass and notched the first touchdown in the game’s first minutes.

Quinlan Ford quickly regained possession and then drove down to make it 14-0 lead less than five minutes into the game.

Howe (0-4) was able to overcome the shaky start on defense by holding the Panthers scoreless in the second quarter.

“I thought defense stepped up. I really do,” Howe head coach Zack Hudson said. “It was a bright spot for us and offensively we did some things right we just couldn’t put it all together at one time.”

Despite falling behind by two scores, the Bulldog defense started to play better.

“Everybody went right except for one guy sometimes and it was always a different guy,” Hudson said. “It’s one of those things, a learning curve for younger guys in there but I thought we did a good job of finding some things that are going to help us down the road.”

The second quarter proved to be a stalemate for both sides with penalties and turnovers for both teams.

Howe looked like it might come up with another stop after the Panthers had a third-quarter touchdown called back and Ford re-started the drive at the Bulldogs 35-yard line. Howe couldn’t get a turnover on downs, however, and the Panthers took a 21-0 lead on a TD run by Eli Chambers in the middle of the quarter.

Chase Barnett, Jayden Harmon and Austin Lee helped keep the score there but Quinlan Ford eventually scored one last touchdown and then was able to finish off the shutout victory.

“We just have to keep grinding,” Hudson said. “I thought there was a ton of good things going on we just have to keep grinding and I think we will get better. This is a young team and they need that experience and once they get that experience and find that groove they will be alright.”