Night Time Full Moon and Smallmouth Fun

I have only gone night fishing a couple of times this year. I like the hot months best but as the water cools fall fishing is probably better. I didn’t see any boats out night fishing before, on or after the first couple of full moons.

The red one we just had was weird. It didn’t give off as much light as when the moon is clear. I like fishing three days before, on or three days after a full moon. Not because I can’t catch them in the dark, but it’s a lot easier on these old eyes to see where I’m throwing.

Another possible reason that I didn’t fish as much at night this year is most of my friends are around my age and they don’t like to lose most of a night’s sleep.

My night fishing places and methods haven’t changed over the years. Remember my don’t get stuck in a rut article last month? This is the one exception I make to it.

Where to go? I spend my time fishing rocks, the bluffs and dam. A lot of water to cover if you move a lot. I don’t run much at night, I spend most of my time on the trolling motor or idling from one point to another. I always try to start about 50 yards from a point and work around it the same distance before moving on.

Baits I use have never varied: I might do better with some other lures but I have confidence in what I use. I keep it pretty simple — a Bomber 6A dark or crawfish colored crankbait or a Norman dark-colored Deep Little N. I like to bump around in the rocks when I can.

My favorite night lure is a Black Booyah Moon Talker Spinnerbait with a black #5 or #7 Colorado blade and a black or Blue Flake YUM worm trailer. I generally shorten the worm. My third choice is an F2 infused YUM blue flake worm fished Texas style. I have never got serious about fishing a Top Water at night.

It’s fishing and most times the three baits above catch fish after dark. Another plus is two of the three only have one hook. Less chance of the fish catching an old geezer when trying to get a frisky smallmouth in the boat or out of a net.

Most of the fish you catch at night are smallmouth, followed by Kentucky or spotted bass; now and then though you hook up with a big largemouth. Then there is always the Drum you are going to catch along with a Channel Cat, even sandbass and stripers come now and then.

One other fish, while rare, will also take a nighttime lure. When it does and you get it to the boat cut the line, believe me you don’t want a gar and lure in the boat with you at night. Nighttime fishing can be good, quiet and fun. Take someone with you as there will be slow periods and having someone to talk to helps time pass. Also it’s nice to know if one of you fall out there might be a saving hand to get you back in the boat.

Strikes at night can take a rod right out of your hand if you let down your guard. Often times I have my spinnerbait come back minus the blade after a hard strike. You can generally tell by the leaps and splashing when you have a smallmouth.

With a partner you can also split time running the trolling motor or taking a nap. The last has seen more of me napping now than it did in the past. There is no need to go out early unless you just want to. I like to get there after it’s dark.

Fall night fishing is probably better as the fish have started eating getting ready for winter. It might cost you a little sleep but it can also result in the biggest smallmouth you have ever caught.

Needing lures? Mepps Squirrel Tail Recycling Program is buying or trading lures for their tails. Hunters save them, fresh road kill tails will also be accepted. For more details on this go to

The Cavett Kids Foundation is hosting their fourth annual bass tournament out of Catfish Bay this Saturday the 16th. This tournament usually has a big turnout. With a 75-boat field, big bass pays $750 and first place is $3,000. If 75 boats fish then eighth place will pay $200; if there are more than 75 the payoff will be adjusted up.

You can still get in Friday afternoon or early night. Call Kevin at 405-227-4496 or Justin at 405-640-9091. Half of the entry fee goes to the foundation the other half to the tournament winners.

My predication: Gunter Tigers eat up a little Bearcat. After Howe dogs and redbirds they are looking for a little Bearcat meat. Go Tigers. Susan and I will be at the Denison game watching my granddaughter Lt. Hailie Blasingame perform and cheering on the Yellow Jackets.