ORLANDO — Denison senior Kailey Jones won the gold medal at the International Powerlifting Federation’s 17th World Sub-Junior Championship on Friday morning, capping what has been an outstanding year of competition.

She lifted a total of 1,080 pounds in the 181 pound weight class for the victory, which was 61 pounds more than runner-up Nichole Viera of Puerto Rico.

Russia’s Svetlana Saburova was third with 898 pounds.

Jones and Viera were tied after the first lift since each had a 440-pound squat.

Then on the bench press, Jones took the lead with a 231-pound effort while Viera lifted 209 pounds.

Jones then clinched the victory with a 407-pound deadlift. Viera’s best of the three attempts was 369 pounds.

The 1,080 pounds was the fifth-best total for the entire meet and helped the United States earn the silver medal with 54 points, two behind Russia for the team title.

Jones qualified for the world championships with a national title in May, also with a total of 1,080 pounds.

She earned a state championship in March with a total of 1,140 pounds, which is a state record at the weight class. She got there by deadlifting 445 pounds, also a state record at that weight class.