The Denison Yellow Jackets held their second, and final, scrimmage at Munson Stadium before the real games begin and Paris was going to be a much tougher test than the team Denison saw the prior week in Paris North Lamar.

After watching the video, since I was in the office putting together the football preview issue — make sure to grab a copy on Sunday — Paris was definitely a step up from North Lamar but Denison was able to handle the step up in competition.

The format against Paris was different from what took place against North Lamar. The Jackets and Wildcats played a live half with turnovers being blown dead at the spot.

Denison finished with a 16-0 victory as the first-team defense was not scored upon in the two scrimmages. The first-team offense was not as explosive against North Lamar but did have a 99-yard touchdown drive. Here is the drive-by-drive breakdown against Paris.

The first-team offense was as follows:

OL — Ryan Riddle, Stephen Fulenchek, Osvaldo Delarosa, Kade Finch and Drew Williams

QB — Austin Emery

RB — Ty McFail

H-back — D.J. Gray

WR — Mateo Reyes, Pierce Barker and Braydon Roberts

The first-team defense was as follows:

DL — Logan Wagner, Jordin Hunter, Kyle Brooks and Dayveion Lewis

LB — Alex Pierce, Nate Maulsby and Javen Stewart

DB — Decurious Smith, Ty McFail, Cade Gordy and Keleon Vaughn

Due to the video, I couldn’t always tell who subbed in so I am just listing the guys who started this scrimmage.

There were 13 possessions in the live half.

Denison drive

The Jackets picked up a first down but then a sack and a run on third-and-long led to a punt. Paris took over at its 35-yard line.

Paris drive

The Wildcats had the ball for all of one play. Lewis jumped and deflected a pass off the right edge and Maulsby hauled in the interception at the Paris 35-yard line.

Denison drive.

Despite the good field position, the Jackets had to settle for a field goal. Kenny Gaffney had a 20-yard touchdown called back before Emery booted a 43-yard field goal for a 3-0 advantage with 7:28 left in the first quarter. Smith started the drive with a 19-yard run.

Paris drive

The Wildcats used some quarterback scrambles to move the chains and get into Denison territory. But after getting to the Denison 36, Pierce forced a fumble and Stewart recovered to end the possession.

Denison drive

The Jackets were unable to do anything after the turnover and went three-and-out.

Paris drive

The Wildcats needed only a couple plays to get past midfield and then ran into trouble. Reyes and Skyelar Speed forced a sack that lost 12 yards and then Maulsby sniffed out a reverse on third-and-long.

Denison drive

An early penalty eventually led to a three-and-out by the Jackets.

Paris drive.

The Wildcats then went three-and-out, earning a yard before a couple of incomplete passes.

Denison drive.

The Jackets let the punt bounce and it settled at the one-yard line. McFail picked up five yards on a run up the middle, then Paris took two bad face mask penalties. Denison was in business from there. Bubba Roberts had a 16-yard run, Gaffney followed with a carry for nine yards and eventually McFail had a 12-yarder to the Paris two-yard line. After McFail was stacked up at the line, Emery scored on a keeper to the left side and it was 10-0 with 3:57 left in the half. It was a 13-play drive, 12 rushes, and all but two snaps gained yards.

Paris drive

After a pair of incompletions, Kyrion Rosser came up with an interception at the Wildcat 40, the third Denison turnover of the night.

Denison drive

The Jackets’ final possession ended up with a touchdown as Emery scored on a two-yard keeper to cap the six-play drive. The first snap was an Emery keeper for 18 yards before McFail and Gaffney ripped off good runs in the red zone. Emery did miss the PAT to make it 16-0.

Paris drive.

The Wildcats’ last attempt to get on the board was a quick three-and-out as Denison stopped a quarterback scramble on third-and-six. Paris punted and Denison ran one play before kneeling to end the night.

For the two scrimmages, the Jackets did what they were supposed to do against teams in a lower classification. They did not allow a touchdown and forced turnovers. Neither Paris nor Lamar ran a play inside the Denison 35-yard-line. They scored a bunch of touchdowns and did not have a turnover. There was more passing by the Jackets against Lamar than Paris, but for the most part the drives looked good.

If there was a negative for each side of the ball: Defensively it would have been nice to see them against a team that will pass more than a handful of times. There are a couple of those on the schedule. They had trouble with a mobile quarterback. There is at least one of them on the schedule. Offensively there was some miscommunication with the line. I think part of that might be due to wanting to see different combinations. There were only a few instances but they were in some key spots.

Team stats

Denison 29 carries for 173 yards; 3-for-4 passing, 8 yards

Paris 18 carries for 95 yards, fumble lost; 0-for-6 passing, 0 yards, 2 interceptions

Individual stats


Kenny Gaffney 8 carries for 52 yards

Austin Emery 7 carries for 35 yards, 2 TDs

Bubba Roberts 6 carries for 34 yards

Ty McFail 6 carries for 31 yards

Decurious Smith 2 carries for 21 yards


Austin Emery 3-for-4, 8 yards


Dalton Souther 1 catch for 4 yards

Zaelin Wimbish 1 catch for 3 yards

Kenny Gaffney 1 catch for 1 yard