Mother Nature has been on a rampage this holiday. My boat has been in the garage since last Thursday. It hasn’t been out since. Every time I thought about taking it out, we got a storm.

I have picked up enough branches and limbs to add two more rooms to the second little pig’s house. My windmill also failed to get off the ground in the storm and crashed again. This time it was a serious wreck and I had to completely rebuild it.

Fireworks? Oh my, people must have had money to spare. They were buying them right and left. Then at 1:30 in the morning they were still popping them. I don’t think much sleep was gotten by anyone in Preston Shores from Friday to Tuesday.

I planned on going night fishing on Wednesday but there was an ugly cloud and lightning show going on south of our ramp. I didn’t get to be the wise old mule I am by playing the odds or tempting an angry Mother Nature so I went back to the house and watched the Rangers game. The winds blew pretty good every day but it didn’t slow the fun boaters.

We saw a prime example of why you don’t drink or use something else and drive a boat. We were on our way around to watch the Highport Fireworks in the pontoon boat. We watched as a red go-fast boat with four men in it, playing music loud enough to be heard a mile away, just missed us and never turned their heads. A TP&W boat with two 300-horsepower motors and three wardens saw it and took off after them. The four guys evidently never knew it was behind them or slowed. After a long chase as we watched, the TP&W boat got up beside them and tapped their boat. As we turned the corner and headed south they were boarding the red boat.

After a nice slow run to Highport we, along with several hundred or more other boats, saw a great fireworks show. When everything is going well be wary. Show over and all those boats started back to wherever they came from. We were just putting along as swells you could surf on came rolling in from every direction. All at once the nose of the ‘toon went under a big one, it came over the front gate and ran ankle deep all the way to the back. Everyone riding up front got soaked. The ‘toon won’t sink but it is a scary event to take a wave. Things like that can get the old tickers beating in a flash.

Living at the lake year-round is great. Seems there is always something happing. Saturday, July 1, saw our annual Golf Cart Parade. The Water Balloon War this year was something else as someone donated us a load of those balloons you fill up 30 at a time. I figure we threw 2,000 of them before we just gave out. After about 20 trips — 10 each way back and forth across the battlefield — I had to take a breather. Even old mules get winded. It was a half-block run and then you had to chase down who you wanted to pound all the while thinking how far back the ammo was. Being unarmed or out of balloons doesn’t get you any mercy; we play for keeps.

On holidays and weekends the eye candy at our beach can make anyone want to be young again. Lake living is the cat’s meow. It doesn’t get much better.

Striper fishing is still on fire. The bigger fish are coming on live shad, big slabs and if you get in the right place some big ones are surfacing.

A drive across the dam early in the morning will see the fleet of boats in front of it and strung out to Eisenhower Marina or moving up the bluffs. They all end up out in open water at Tabletop, Soldier Creek Flats or Platter Flats.

I hear the same thing is happening on the Red River side from Big Mineral to Mill Creek to the islands. The lake is supposed to rise by 2 to 3 feet. That makes me happy as my bass bank should reload.

Topwater baits like the Rebel Pop R, or a Booyah Buzz bait, along with a YUM Shaky Head and a Breaking Shad fished weightless are the lures I’ve been using the most. If the rain raises the lake as much as they are saying, you will see me add my modified Booyah Spinnerbait to my collection. My Swimbait bite has slowed.

Crappie are still biting, minnows or what I use 1/16th or 1/8th Blakemore Road Runners under a Thill Crappie Cork with a bobber Stopper just swimming them around brush or trees that have floated in. Add a plastic body and a crappie nibble and give it a try. For fun and cooling off seine your own Ghost Minnows along the bank.

Never slow down, keep moving, enjoy music, playing, wine, beer, pets, good food and friends. You will be much happier.