On June 24 the Preston Fire Department is hosting its first of what they hope will be an annual event as a fundraiser for the department. They and the ambulance are a godsend for the peninsula as there are a lot more older, retired people living out here than in most places.

A prompt response for help from either of these departments can make the difference. The tournament will run from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Entry fee is $130 per team or individual. Weigh-in will be at Highport starting at 3 p.m. You will be able to launch at the Lighthouse or Highport. There will be people there to take your entry starting at 6 a.m. at both ramps. You can also register at (PVES.com) on line. First place is a guaranteed $1,000. Three places will be paid with a 40-boat field. More boats, more places. This is their first event so bear with them as they learn the ropes.

“The wind is your friend” is a fishing saying. Well, so far this week it has been overly friendly. Wind can cause you to have to make a few changes at times. You might have to go to a heavier weight on your soft plastics to help you keep in touch with your lure.

Switching to a crank bait is also an option to consider. With the waves crashing on the bank a Spinnerbait tossed right up on the bank in the roiled water can be a good choice.

A lure I have had luck with on windy banks is a YUM Breaking Shad: fished weightless, tossed up on a riled bank and just letting it go with the water can often get bit. This is the reason we carry many different baits to meet the conditions Ma Nature throws at us.

Going to a bigger bait that makes more of a disturbance in the water in windy conditions at times can pay off. Tuesday and Wednesday I was on the water early. I had calm conditions as the wind hadn’t got up yet. This let me start with my favorite beat up Rebel Pop R in Black and Silver with most of the paint chewed off. It produced two fish in about 20 minutes.

I switched to a 3/16oz. Booyah Shaky head with a three-inch YUM Watermelon Seed Wooly Hog Tail, not your usual bait for this lure, so I could get back in the Buck Brush. Throwing it up into and around any wood in the water was likely to get a gentle pressure on the rod with your line moving.

Set the hook. My bites have been light so line watching in these conditions can make a difference. This worked for me because the head was heavy enough to keep in contact with the bottom and the small bait didn’t offer as much resistance to the waves as a larger one would and could be fished slower.

I also fished my modified Booyah Spinnerbait and it worked. I quit at 10 as I didn’t want to fight the wind. I was just fun fishing — score Webb eight fish on, six in the boat.

Wednesday saw me on the water early again. I caught two fish off a boathouse quickly on the spinner bait. I got another out of a big tree under the water. Then the tree and a fish got my modified bait. I ran to the bank I started on and the Rebel Pop R got three bass, The bite was slower than I liked.

I picked up my Shaky head and caught three more, including my biggest bass for both days. Wednesday I added a Booyah Chatter bait to my arsenal. I took off the skirt, put a Foreman Swimbait on it, and fished it through the green weeds in the water and in open spaces back in Buck Brush, slow cranking both shallow and deep and caught four fish.

Wednesday the score was 12 fish on — Webb seven, fish five and lost 2 on Shaky Heads and another Booyah Spinner bait. I quit at 10 again as the wind was rising.

It’s time to go fishing. Guides are limiting out easily on slabs, live bait and artificial lures. Surfacing fish are getting more common but can still be spotty. If you see a lot of white birds sitting on a bank fish it.

Joe Copeland’s June Future Bass Tournament results were pretty awesome. Fifty-eight teams fished. There were 36 limits and big bass was a 7.54-pounder. There were only 15 zeroes.

First place was Brent Daniel and Jay Fuller with 22.72 pounds; second was Duane Smith and Jack Haden with 19.51 pounds; third was Mike Birdsong and Tommy Hitchcock with 18.04 pounds and two teams tied for fourth: Hayden and Scott Burkett and Josh and Blaze Williams at 17.07 pounds.

Texoma is ready — are you?