This week saw a couple of firsts for me. I put on my first pair of cutoffs this year.

Launching, I started fishing, then a light rain started and it got a little heavier. So I went into a boathouse, got out my rain suit, had to take off the shoes I was wearing to get the bottoms on, got socks wet. Got all gussied up, pushed my way out of the slip and started fishing.

The rain stops, sun breaks through. Take off rain suit, got socks wetter. Started fishing and low and behold if some seagulls began to come close to my boat. I think they were excited because they hadn’t seen a set of legs on their girlfriends’ like mine. I mean you could run them up a flag pole if you wanted to surrender — they are that white.

As I was launching I got to talking to the guy in front of me. He said he was from Louisiana, so I asked him if it was true people from Louisiana had rings around their ankles from standing in the water. He laughed instead of killing me. He said his boy had recently brought a home in Preston Shores and he was visiting. I gave him some tips about what’s working on Texoma now for me and that’s the last I saw of him. He was gone before I launched.

I’ve been on a crappie kick for some time now, but Wednesday it was a black bass only day. I started in our cove making the round. I got a good fish off a dock on a Booyah Counter Strike spinner bait. Picked up two more keepers on a swimbait. Got another out of a big tree in the water on the spinner bait.

I left and made a long run to another spot where I have had a solid bite going for awhile. Picked up five more off of several boathouses fishing the Jeff Foreman hand-poured swim bait. It works better for the way I fish boathouses than any other I have tried. Fishing the swim bait on a sloping sand point with the wind blowing in on it got me one more keeper. Every fish I caught was solid, legal, and stout. My best was close to 4 pounds. All the others were about the same size — around 2 to 2½ pounds. I was back home before 12:00. I know I can still catch bass so I’m going crappie fishing Friday.

I got home, Susan cooked us a couple of corn dogs and I had some Jalapeño Cheetos. We sat on our third-level deck to eat and listen to a country music station from Houston she gets on her phone and ties it into my outdoor stereo system.

About my three decks: the tax people say I have three but I disagree.

As we sat there I could see she was thinking about something and she had that “you gonna dig” look. When she told me what she had in mind I liked the idea too and went off to find a shovel.

We set a new bluebird house. I hadn’t got the tools put away before we had two looking it over. We kept sitting there and I noticed Tommy Turtle #3, a terrapin who runs our big flower bed, wanted another slice of cantaloupe so I got him one.

I was relaxing with a beverage and Susan with wine when a female oriole came to the suet at our feeder. This set off a flurry of movement. As I checked an orange half on a spike, Susan poured up sugar water in the feeder, I hung it and the oriole saw it. We have one to two pair who come each year. The oriole book says not to put anything out until you see the birds.

My purple martins are still a no-show. A bird watcher would have a ball out here as we are covered up with a variety of birds. We also go through a lot of sunflower seed as well.

The other first I mentioned at the start had me going for the first time in 74 years into a hospital — past stopping at the emergency room. My first time to be on a bed rolling around the halls.

My doctor of 35 years wanted them to look for something. I told him and the doctor who did it, it was a waste of time. I was right — nothing to be found. I’m probably gonna hear from my other doctor that I’m not normal. This will come as no surprise to those who know me.

Fishing is good; go for it. With top-water action starting you might want to go to Pradco Outdoors Brands and the Cotton Cordell page and look at the new colors in the Pencil Popper line as well as the new 3½-inch Striper Strike. The colors are boss and should also be a great (big) bass bait.