It wasn’t me who first called Lake Texoma “The Big Windy.” I don’t know who first gave it this name but this past Friday, Saturday and Sunday it more than lived up to it. If you think the wind was blowing at your house these three days you should have been out here.

I talked to some of the 30- plus fishermen in tournaments held over last weekend and they said rough water would be slighting what it was like. The Cabela’s TTT Tournament Trail allowed trailering Saturday as an option to fighting the wind and waves. The Cabela’s College Tournament Series also trailered Sunday.

Denison’s Spencer McAlester and his dad Homer, who won the Sunday JC Outdoors Tournament, said waves and swells were so big the whitecaps had whitecaps. I know I wouldn’t have wanted to be on the water last weekend.

I got up Sunday morning and my decorative windmill had evidently got up to flying speed but crashed into my tomato plants. I reset it with a heavier anchor and mid-afternoon it flew again, this time crashing in my onions. I really loaded it down, straightened up some blades and it hasn’t moved since.

I went down to our ramp Sunday morning and fished from a boathouse for a while. My crappie tackle box kept scooting across the dock till the chain link fence stopped it. After several tackles to gather up stuff that was blowing out of it I gave up. I did catch some fish before I was blown off the dock.

Fishing report from this Lake Lizard; I don‘t always agree with the TPW Texoma report. Crappie are still shallow-to-mid depth. You can catch them easily but there are lots of short fish you have to go through to get keepers, at least where I’m fishing. I’m using 1/8 oz. Blakemore Road Runners with a variety of small plastics — everything tipped with a Crappie Nibble.

I’m fishing with a Thrill sliding cork rig using Road Runners plus fishing them with out the cork. Both ways are working.

John Blasingame of Adventure Texoma Outdoors, Texoma fishing guide (903-814-8953), reports fishing for stripers and sand bass is very good to excellent. The gulls are helping anglers out as they are working bait schools, which attract the silver fish. Live bait seems to be the thing to use now.

A small bit of good news is that the spotty surfacing fish are getting better every day. Gulls are working off our shoreline early and late. Anywhere on the lake you see them working, check it out. Keep a good pair of binoculars in your boat to help you find the birds.

If Texoma catches all of the run-off from those Oklahoma storms last week that caused flooding, look for it to rise and get an influx of muddy water. It seems the worst of it was east of the Texoma water shed.

Tournament results for the trails that fished this weekend were excellent. The Cabela’s TTT tournament had 225 boats; they had 112 limits and 99 zeroes and the rest had from one-to-four fish per boat. Big Bass was a 8.70-pounder caught by the winning team of Mike Rogers and Josh Williams, with five fish going 22.66 pounds.

The interview with them had them saying the rough water kept them from going to their best spots so they hunkered down out of the wind and fished slow in the same area all day.

Most time with these big tournaments the outside anglers usually put it on our local fishermen. This time we were well represented in the standings with eight in the Top 20. Final results and standings can be found on the Cabela’s Texas Team Trail website.

Sunday saw the Cabela’s Collegiate Trail facing the same or maybe a little worse wind conditions. Also factored in was the fact that most of the spots out of the wind likely to hold fish had been beat pretty hard Saturday. Still the 48 boats entered came in with respectable limits. Only eight boats went fishless. There were 23 limits coming to the scales.

Wining with 19.75 pounds was the team of Zack Hines and Trent Newman from Dallas Baptist University, who also had tournament bass with a 5.62-pounder.

The JC Outdoors tournament out of Alberta Creek saw Homer and Spencer McAlester win with a five-fish limit of 19.04 pounds.

While I don’t guarantee you will catch fish now is the time to give it the old college try. Have fun, be careful and go fishing.