My whole life, people who know me say I must have a guardian angel watching over me. I think I have been just lucky but lately I wonder.

Many times some cases of DA on my part that could have finished me off were some way diverted. The way my life has been lived, to still be around, required more than one angel looking over me. I think I had three working eight-hour shifts because one would give out.

Now I have never seen pictures of angels in any book where they weren’t dressed in flowing robes and big wings with a halo around their head, floating down from above. Not mine — the angel in the boat with me Saturday was a little rough looking.

Three of us were fishing. An old song by Johnny Cash from 1966, “The one on the right was on the left and the one on the left was on the right…(and the one in the back got his lure hung up)” I really liked. It reminded me of us.

I took his rod and was concentrating on getting his lure loose. The front of their boat had one of those recessed pig troughs for the foot control of his trolling motor. I was concentrating on the hang up, stepped in the trough, got my toe under the pedal and started falling toward the water with nothing to grab.

Still holding on to the rod I passed the “you are gonna get wet sign” as I was still falling. That’s when my angel showed up. He didn’t float down surrounded by a halo on silvery wings but he had quick hands. I was grabbed by what little back side I have as I was leaving the boat.

It felt like a bear trap got me but I was pulled back in the boat dry, nothing broke and I still had the rod and lure.

While on the topic of angels, remember last week I said I was running out of the original Flip Tail Floating Lizards? I got an e-mail from my cousin in Houston telling me they were still being made in Arkansas by a man who had bought the original molds and was making Flip Tails with the same plastic mixture used in the 70s.

What are the chances of that if someone isn’t looking after me? Long story short, I found a source and have some Lizards coming to compare with some of the original ones I still have. Post spawn has always seen bass liking the Flip Tails. To see these baits go to

I’m still crappie fishing every chance I get. Up until the storm Sunday night we were still catching them from the bank and boathouses. What all this water and mud will do to the bite is just a guess but crappie generally aren’t bothered by dirty water like bass.

Susan and I have eaten crappie for the last three out of five suppers. I’m using Big Ronnie’s BBQ Sauce instead of catsup with my fried fillets.

People fishing in other local hot spots are also catching crappie. Bank fishing in Hagerman, which has enough water in the lake now to be up in creeks and oil well pads is always a good starting place. Marinas in Big Mineral and up north in Oklahoma, Highport and other mid-lake coves with some kind of structure in them to fish around can also be good.

A folding chair, cane pole, food, drinks and bait could be all you need in many places to likely catch a fish dinner.

I and friends in the next boathouse over in our cove are using a slip cork set up to keep our Blakemore Road Runner jigs just above the bottom and brush. We are letting the wind and wave action move our baits.

To increase your chances, whatever bait you are using tip it with a Crappie Nibble. Local luremaker Jeff Foreman is making some special poured colored plastics for crappie that were field tested on Lakes Texoma and Pat Mayes. He has posted a bunch of pictures of fish they are catching using them.

The dirty runoff has stained up Little Mineral but I’m hoping it’s just surface mud and will be gone shortly. Mid-lake and down toward the dam still has good-colored water.

This Saturday the Bud Light Bass Trail is coming to Highport. Late signup starts at 5 a.m. at Highport, first cast at 6:30 a.m. and entrants must quit fishing at 3 p.m. Scales open and they must be in line with fish by 4 p.m.

The teams figuring on sight fishing might be derailed as the muddy in flow will probably make seeing anything doubtful in parts of the lake. The rising water level could also mess up some fishing patterns.