Our old lake is fishing as good as I have ever seen it. While the floods and high water were a pain to a lot of people, it was a blessing to fish and fishermen.

While I’m a dyed-in-the-boat bass fisherman, lately I have branched out and was chasing sandbass and stripers for a while until I got all I needed in the freezer.

Last Friday some friends of mine — I still have a few — came by the house and picked me up to go fishing with them. We fished from the back of Little Mineral to the mouth. We then turned and went down the rocky bank.

We found fish were everywhere we stopped. Nice, chunky bass were eating Booyah Spinnerbaits, Shaky Heads and Booyah swim jigs with trailers around rocks, old weeds and any wood structure in the water.

Saturday, as you know, the wind blew a little. Around 1 p.m. I thought I saw Granny’s bloomers flying through the air without Granny.

Those fishing Joe Copeland’s Future Bass Tournament Saturday didn’t have things easy but he had a lot of limits come in.

How good was fishing? Even with the high winds,the 68 teams entered had 50 boats with five-fish limits. Winning with five fish going 22.95 pounds was Jeff Reynolds and Johnny Thompson; they also had tournament big bass with a 7.71-pounder.

Sunday the JC Outdoors Trail had their tournament. Fishing was good as of 28 boats entered, 22 had limits. Winning with five weighing 20.59 pounds was Tate Oakley and Drew Cahill. Tournament big bass was a 6.03-pounder.

Sunday I went down to our ramp. I had been watching people catch crappie for over a week. If you ever eat a properly fried crappie filet you will be hooked. They are one of the best tasting fish you can catch.

I am fortunate enough to have access to a boathouse in our cove. Over time I have baited it out with so much brush that beavers admire me.

I wasn’t real serious about catching crappie but I was fooled. I got me a mess of eating fish in about two hours. Monday I went back. I started catching them again. I called my retired fire department friend Charlie and said to get down here.

He has been wanting to have a crappie fry for awhile. He showed up, we fished about three hours and caught 30 fish total with 25 big enough to keep. He and I both went home and had fish dinners. Skinny as I am I ate so many I looked like a pregnant earthworm when I stood up.

Wednesday saw me at the lake back on my bass horse. I started in the back of a cove tossing a no-longer-made original Flip Tail Floating Lizard. I’m going to cry when I finally use up the ones I have.

There is no comparison Lizard out there today I’ve found that is as good as them. Fishing it in the very back in the shallow water caught several. I also threw a Booyah Spinnerbait around anything in the water I could see, and it worked.

I was fishing some flats in one cove with my favorite ¼ oz. Blakemore Road Runner Jig with a white three-inch F2 fortified YUM curl tail trailer. This bait is what caused me to change horses again.

I was fishing a long sand point. I got a hit, set the hook and had a big black crappie. I put it in the live well. I stayed on that point for about an hour catching crappie, big and little. Three men on a boathouse were watching me.

I was pulling one after another out on the Road Runner. One of the men watching asked what I was fishing. I told him, he went into the boathouse and came out with the same bait. He threw in the area I was fishing and got bit.

My crappie hole finally played out but the fish in the picture today are going to make Susan and me several dinners. Crappie are still shallow and can be caught off the bank get the family and go fishing.

Your little ones will enjoy it and we just might have more young fishermen coming up to fill our boats as us old fishermen fade away. Right now catching fish is as good as it gets.