With fishing as good as it is I’m having a hard time staying off the lake. Almost every night I go to bed saying I’m not going fishing. When morning comes I’m ready for the lake.

Now this wishy-washy routine is keeping me from calling my usual friends because I don’t know if I’m going that day or not till I look at the wind and temperature. Not guiding anymore has its perks.

Right now with the lake up almost a foot and Buck brush and Spinner baits can produce some fish. Fishing a Soft Plastic YUM Breaking Shad on rocky windy banks will get bit. A Bill Norman, Bandit or Bomber Medium running Square lip or Coffin lip crank bait is perfect for windy banks and flats where fall fish are feeding up on shad.

Another idea to try that will catch all species of fall fish are Cotton Cordell Super Spots or Booyah one knocker Lipless Rattle Baits, casting the flats or trolling are both good options for these baits. Crappie are good in baited boathouses.

Minnows and small jigs like the 1/8 and 1/16 oz. Blakemore Road Runners fished tight line or under a cork are good starters — tip them with Crappie Nibbles.

Right now about the surest way to catch sand bass, Striper, catfish and an occasional smallie or largemouth bass is to fish a Bomber 7/8 oz. Slab with a Teaser Hook about 12-14 inches above it.

Now, live bait might be as good but I don’t like to have to work at catching shad or keeping them alive. Find the birds working and get upwind of them. Shad feed into the wind and by drifting in on them instead of running your motor you increase your chance of putting some fish in the boat.

Plus being considerate can keep you from getting your family tree discussed if you drift into the middle of guide boats working the birds.

Generally I don’t fish on Sundays, but a friend, Greg Elkins, had some days off and I had promised him I would carry him fishing when he did. I have been wanting to get some fish in the freezer for this winter and I had some help with the stocking. We had one of those mornings you look for, in about four hours we caught close to 50 fish.

All of them came on Bomber 7/8 oz. White Slabs or the Teaser hook. We were fishing 12-25 feet of water. I have a lot of fillets in the freezer. Greg has eating rights on them because I had him let everything we caught Sunday go.

The only drawback slab fishing has is that there is lots of new structures in the lake after the floods that also like to bite and keep a slab. Greg and I also caught some largemouth and spotted bass that were fat as butterballs. They also went for the slab and were mixed in with the silver fish. We released all of them.

Wednesday saw me on the lake again. I caught some fish but not like we had Sunday and I did Monday. Tuesday I had to go to Dallas. I will live in a hollow tree before I would move into the Metroplex. They don’t understand how we drive up here. If looks could kill I would already be planted. I guess I was lucky not to be road raged.

The weather looks to be a little uncomfortable this weekend but if you get the chance, go fishing. You will catch something using the baits I mentioned above. It’s only 23 days to Christmas as you are reading this. I’ll share a few things I would like to see in my stocking with you each week as it gets closer.

Go, Gunter football — make it 14 and 0. I’m looking forward to seeing them play in the AT&T Stadium for the championship.