By Lynette George

By Lynette George

Herald Democrat

Halloween is almost here, and with it comes an increased interest in all that goes bump in the night. Sure, we could watch scary movies, but why do that when there’s genuinely spooky stuff going on right here in Texomaland?

Admit it. Many of us, myself included, have experienced what is now commonly referred to as the "paranormal." There’s been an extra occupant in my house since my childhood. At times, he gets pretty creative in his communication attempts, too. Trust me. Maybe you’ve got an unseen roommate who enjoys opening and closing doors, switching on lights or moving your stuff around. Maybe you unexpectedly spotted a shadowy, human figure while camping at Lake Texoma or visiting a local historic site. Maybe you clearly heard a voice or felt a tap on your shoulder, but no one was around. Maybe the family pet keeps interacting with an invisible friend.

Don’t worry. You’re not crazy. Nor are you (and I) the only one having these experiences. I promise. So why not share it with our readers?

Between now and Oct. 28, I’m asking you to email me about the paranormal experiences you’ve had locally. Tell me your story — where you were, what happened and when. If I get enough useable tales, I’ll put together a fun article, just in time for Halloween.

To let readers know the stories are from real folks, I will be using your names, but please don’t let that stop you. Thanks to the many ghost-hunting reality shows, talking about your spooky experiences has become as normal as ice cream on apple pie.

Again, the deadline to get your email to me is Oct. 28. Be sure to include a phone number, just so I can call if I have any questions and don’t have time to email you back. (Your number won’t be published or given out.). My email is

Come on! I and all those curious spirits are waiting!

Happy birthday Friday to Kamryn Walker of Denison; Ann Mooney, Vanessa Blanton, Terry Welch and Iris Sneed, all of Sherman; David Marshall Seaver of Georgetown; Donny Mack Adams of Newton, N.H.; Chelsea Vernon of Whitesboro; JoAnn Russell.

Happy anniversary Friday to Pete and Paula Skinner of Whitewright, 50 years; Steven and Lindsey Sorrell of Colbert Okla., 5 years.

Happy birthday Saturday to Frances Nelson, Janice Dujardin, Bridgett Norris and Mandy Cross, all of Sherman; Eric Batey and Gladys Cannon of Denison; Linda Loos McGaughey of Pottsboro; Jeff Farris of Howe; Margie Wester of Dorchester; Jeff Wigington of DeSoto; Trevor Montgomery of Austin.