1. What are your qualifications for this office? (75 words or fewer)

1. What are your qualifications for this office? (75 words or fewer)

My main qualifications for this position include that I am a resident of this city living in District 1. I am a citizen of the United States that strongly believes in the Christian values that this country was founded. I am a business professional known for exceptional communication and problem solving skills with strong business and financial acumen. I possess an impeccable reputation for integrity, work ethic and dedication to excellence.

2. Why are you seeking this office? (75 words or fewer)

I am seeking election to the city council in District 1 to serve and be a voice to all residents of this community. I am also committed to providing support for all departments and agencies and hope to serve with other council members in doing what is best for all residents of Sherman. I wish to serve on the council because I believe that every neighborhood that collectively makes our city counts and should be

3. What are the two most important issues facing the city of Sherman in the coming year? Please explain. (100 words or fewer)

I believe that economic development and the creation of sustainable jobs are necessary for growth and we must find ways to attract and promote our city to potential employers. Included in the economic development, I feel we must continue our efforts for the revitalization of our downtown and commit to work with local small businesses that will attract a pedestrian friendly downtown with a combination of stores that are useful for residents and also attract tourist dollars.

I believe the other issue facing the city in the coming year is supporting our departments that serve our city to ensure that

4. What is your position on raising property taxes to help fund the city’s Capital Improvement Projects? Please explain. (100 words or fewer)

I am committed to improving the city for the benefit of all residents and funding the city’s capital improvement projects. I believe this can be done with sound fiscal responsibility and working hard to relieve our residents of high tax loads. Sound budgetary oversight responsibilities of the council and city officials can ensure that all funds are spent wisely. I am not opposed to raising property taxes if necessary for the city’s needs to be met, but only after careful consideration that the benefits far outweigh the costs to the tax payer.


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