Cell phones have evolved, ring-toning their way onto our list of necessities.

Cell phones have evolved, ring-toning their way onto our list of necessities.

We can make and get calls and get email. We can conduct business, do banking, shopping and tons of other stuff, thanks to special applications. They act as mini TVs, movie theaters and stereos. They entertain with games and activities. They help us find ourselves when we’re lost or locate new places. The phone can do almost anything.

Knowing the growing dependence on cell phones, the folks who develop apps have gone into overdrive. But for all the handy apps, there are some that make even the most hard-core cell phone app fanatics scratch their heads. Below are a few of the apps that beg the question, "What in the world were they thinking (or drinking)."

Tickle Me: Tickle your phone and it laughs like a child. Sorry, but if I see someone tickling their phone, I’m calling for back-up.

iMilk and iBeer: The phone screen flashes a photo of a glass of milk or a frosty beer then makes sounds like it’s being guzzled as you angle your phone like a glass. Excuse me, but wouldn’t it be more satisfying to just grab a glass of milk or a cold beer out of the fridge?

iLickit: Said to help with dieting, the phone screen shows a photo of mouth-watering food. You then lick the screen which, in turn, is supposed to convince the brain and stomach you’re actually eating, then you won’t be hungry. Huh? Again, if I see someone licking their phone, it’s 911 time.

Blower: This app turns your phone into a small blower with air coming out the speaker. I doubt it’ll work on leaves, but I saw a video of it putting out birthday candles. Listen, by the time the app gets going, you could’ve already blown out the candles and be enjoying the cake! What’s the point?

Hold On: This app "develops perseverance and improved concentration." All you do is keep your finger on a virtual button on the phone screen for as long as you can. That’s it. No music, bells or dancing bears. The app keeps track of your times to see if you’re improving. Uh, why?

iVoodoo: It’s an app to "virtually" pay back your enemies. Put a photo of your foe in the phone. A voodoo doll head is attached and you then stick it with virtual pins. They acknowledge this doesn’t actually do anything to your nemesis, but might make you feel better. I hate to admit it, but that one might be entertaining.

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