As I prepared to write this column, I consulted the AP Stylebook, the style guide for journalists, on where to put the second “s” in daylight saving time, and I was shocked to discover the word saving is singular.

I’ve been dealing with the results of daylight saving time throwing my morning and evening routines into chaos for years, and I’ve always pluralized ‘saving’ when talking about it. Perhaps I’m the only one that’s been making that mistake, but now that I’m immortalizing my mistake in print, hopefully I won’t make it again.

Of course, that’s not the only mistake I’ve ever made because of daylight saving time, which ends at 2 a.m. tonight. I was recently talking to my wife about the twice yearly time shift and asked whether she remembered the time we showed up for a movie more than an hour before the scheduled showtime.

And I was shocked to discover she had no memory of the incident. Looking back on it, the mistake wasn’t actually a big one, but I felt foolish in front of her and the people at the theater, so the memory of it still stings me.

We were on a mini-vacation to celebrate her birthday and were out hoping to catch the first showing of a new movie before the masses showed up for the feature. As we walked up to the ticket window, I felt good that no one else seemed to have shown up for the showing.

When the workers informed me of our mistake, I awkwardly laughed it off, but felt silly. I don’t know why the memory has stuck with me so long, as we simply walked around the mall for an hour and then showed up and got great seats for the feature. I don’t even remember what the movie was, but it’s stuck with me as my cautionary tale to always change all my clocks with each shift of daylight saving time.

Hopefully everyone else will also remember to turn their clocks back an hour tonight before going to bed.

Happy birthday to Sylvia Luper, Netra Hubbard, Cammin McKee, all of Sherman; Bonita Kennedy of Denison; Ellen Allison of Howe; Joanne Harrison Heatley of Bells; John T. Hughes of Frisco; and Betty Hempkins of Beggs, Oklahoma.

Happy anniversary to Garry and Brenda Neal of Bells, 40 years.