I told my wife last night that as sure as it was going to get light in the morning, the HD was going to publish some MSM left wing propagandist spouting all the usual pleas for more gun control. If anything, you’re predictable.

I’m still waiting for one proposal from these vacuum-headed socialists that would have prevented any of the mass shootings cited. Every one of the shooters either had no criminal history and was able to acquire weapons legally or committed crimes in order to possess their gun.

As gun ownership has increased, violent crime has declined.

The highest incidence of gun violence is in urban areas controlled by anti-gun Democrats.

Every state that passes concealed carry legislation experiences a decrease in all categories of violent crime.

But when you don’t have facts, data and logic on your side you can only resort to emotionalism, demonization and name-calling.

It goes against their nature, but leftists like Petula Dvorak should just for once be honest and forthcoming about their real objective, because it certainly isn’t crime reduction. All objective data refutes their claims.

Just come out and say the obvious. You seek the repeal the 2nd Amendment and the imposition of the police state that would be required to forcibly disarm the civilian population.

These tragic events represent opportunities for people like Ms. Dvorak, and I believe that some go to bed at night hoping to wake up in the morning to find that other Americans have lost their lives to some terrorist or deranged maniac.

You should at the very least require anyone you print on your opinion page to provide an email address.

Larry Stanphill