One of these days I am going to take another vacation in the fall. I plan to go back to the northeast with my niece. Until then, I will be spending some time this fall watching the season turn in that area of the country virtually.

I am lucky enough to have friends who live in that region who share their fall splendor with me via photographs, but I can never really get enough. If I were to live there, I think I might just sleep outside at night.

I know I would have to save all of my vacation days so I would take long walks in the woods and I would probably drive everyone I know crazy with all of my photographs of leaves and pumpkins.

Until then though I will use today’s rapidly changing technology to watch the leaves turn in Boston without leaving Texas. There are a number of webcams that will help me. One can be found at and another is at

If you would like a New England leaf of your very own but can’t quite get the time off from work to go and get it, there is a woman who will mail you one. On, I found a post from a Kim Knox Beckius, saying she will send out a leaf to anyone who sends her a self-addressed, stamped envelope postmarked by Oct. 23. If you’re interested, send it to Kim Knox Beckius, New England Travel Expert, P.O. Box 34, Canton, CT 06019. If you want a lot of leaves, send her a bigger envelope with more postage and she will send you enough to spread around.

That seems like an odd thing for someone to offer to do, but it has to be true, right? I read it on the internet.

Happy birthday Tuesday to Tristine Garza, LaRonda Gaines, Carl Jackson and Hele Phelps, all of Sherman.