Of my various duties at the Herald Democrat, one of my absolute favorites is working on the faith section that comes out on Fridays. I’m convinced that Texoma’s vibrant faith community is an essential driver of the quality of life we enjoy locally.

Technology and a desire to offer more in depth coverage of local, church activities have brought us to some changes in our faith section we are implementing today. The events we have previously published in “Local news from area churches” have been moved from print to our website.

Examples of the material presented in this format include worship services, Sunday school, Wednesday evening activities, and other gatherings that occur on a regular, ongoing basis. In addition to weekly activities, this will also apply to monthly activities, as long as they occur with regularity. Postings for these events, coupled with their day of occurrence and starting times will now be provided digitally. This data will be updated as needed, but we envision some degree of permanence associated with this material.

We will continue to publish our faith section that appears on Fridays. As we do, we hope to offer more articles describing the special events and non-recurring activities that churches are offering in our area. Examples of such gatherings would include revivals, anniversaries, concerts, fundraisers and other events that take place with much less regularity.

As those special events come along, we hope to cover them in a more expansive fashion, resources permitting. We ask that our local churches inform us of these events as soon as they are able to do so. The material should be emailed to religion@heralddemocrat.com. with contact information included.

As you consult our website for regular, recurring activities, and as you read our faith section on Fridays, we hope you will be well informed and find our coverage to be satisfying. It is our intent to implement these changes with as little disruption as possible.

Our local churches offer numerous activities and events that bring quality and inspiration to our lives. As we learn about those offerings, and participate in them, we find that our lives are touched in meaningful ways.

We salute that valued community, and its leaders — and we pledge our best in communicating the fruits of their faith.

Happy birthday to Billy Milam and Sue Garland, both of Denison; Joe Goodman and Judy Wood, both of Sherman; Karen Ellis of Luella; Ruby Dodd Miskey of San Antonio; and Charlene Scott of Overland Park, Kansas.

Happy anniversary to Gary and Donna Gressett of Collinville, 44 years; and Alvin and Cynthia Brown of Sherman, 38 years.