As the Texas high school football season continues to build steam, so does the discussion of football at the Grayson County Commissioner’s Court.

On Tuesday, Grayson County Judge Bill Magers brought a bright blue Gunter football jersey for Commissioner Bart Lawrence to hang in front of his microphone. As I mentioned in a column last week, the two had a friendly wager on the Pottsboro vs Gunter football game last week and Gunter came out on top of that match-up by a score of 26-0.

Lawrence took the kidding in stride and said he is still proud of his Pottsboro team. Even Magers agreed that it is still very early in the season and it is impossible to say, at this point, who will still be playing at playoff time.

Magers said this Friday, the game to watch locally might be the Whitesboro Bearcats against the Gunter Tigers. Grayson County Purchasing Agent Jeff Schneider’s grandson will play in that game for the Bearcats. Magers said both teams are capable of pulling out a win.

Those who know me well know which team I will be supporting in that match up. Once a Whitesboro Bearcat, always a Whitesboro Bearcat, as they say.

Then the county judge made the point that makes me continue to write about the court’s football chatter. Magers said there is nothing like football in a small town in Texas.

I agree, but I think it is broader than that. I love the way little towns support their schools and their students.

Happy birthday Wednesday to Cynthia Brownlow, Steve Campbell, James Wilson, Justin Sagers and Tristan Brown, all of Sherman.

Happy anniversary Wednesday to Bruce and Carol Hottel, 60 years; Pam and Bill White of Whitewright, 48 years; and Carrol and Gayle Brown of Bonham, 43 years.