Be it the falling leaves or crisp mornings, there are just certain sure signs that fall is on its way. For some folks, it is pumpkin-spiced drinks showing up, but the thing that really lets me know fall is coming is the banter that takes place before the Grayson County Commissioners Court meetings each week.

Grayson County Judge Bill Magers is probably the most dedicated football fan I have ever met. One might think that growing up, as I did, with three brothers and no sisters, football was a big deal at our house. Sadly, that was not the case. My mother had one child that wanted to watch the football game on Sunday and she almost never won. I was in college before I could rely on getting to see the Cowboys play each week.

So, I enjoy this time of the year in commissioners court when Magers and his football buddy Commissioner Bart Lawrence start talking about the game. Magers has sons who play football in Gunter and Lawrence roots for the Pottsboro Cardinals. Fridays might find them each sporting team colors but by the time Tuesday rolls around, they are congratulating or consoling each other over the previous week’s games.

This week, Magers mentioned the two teams will soon meet on the field in Gunter and attempted to talk Lawrence into a bet over the outcome of that game. Lawrence said he was willing to do something. And then there was a lot of banter back and forth and somehow the bet never got made.

Now, I am not one to encourage people to bet, but maybe a good bet would be the loser has to buy dinner for the winning team. I also think the bands for each school should be included in any winnings as they work just as hard as the football boys do every week, which I know from personal experience.

Happy birthday Wednesday to Thomas Rucker II, Kelly Miller and Joseph Franklin, all of Denison; Deloris Rockins and Brandon Walker, both of Sherman; Tamara Atkins of Bonham; Verna Trotter of McKinney.

Happy anniversary Wednesday to Beth and Jimmy Burfield of Pottsboro, 9 years.