I’ve always heard that Labor Day is the last hurrah for summer and is unofficially the end of the summer holiday season. With all that said, where did summer go this year? I feel like I missed it somewhere in the past three months.

It would be cliché to say that it went by in a flash, and that would imply that it ever really registered as summer to me in the first place. Instead, the summer felt like any other day, just a little hotter.

In short, this summer felt like it was over before it began.

I can still remember the end of spring and preparing for my annual early-June vacation as if it was just a few days ago. Where did the last several months go, and can I get a second try on this summer business?

Aside from my vacation, my summer was pretty busy with work. There was little time for trips to the beach and camping and all the other activities that come to mind with summer. Instead, I spent a lot of it working, not that I mind that. It is part of being an adult.

As I’ve said in the past, the season has lost some of its magic for me as I’ve grown older. However, that doesn’t stop me from looking back with a sense of nostalgia every once in a while. The last few days have been one of those moments for me.

As the saying goes, time flies when you are having fun. Does the same hold true for when you are working hard? Sometimes it seems like that is the case.

While I do feel I’ve missed something this summer, and would repeat it if I could, at least this brings us closer to my favorite season — Autumn.

Instead of days where I rely on the modern convenience of air conditioning, there will be a slight nip in the air, and I can bring out my favorite jacket once again. It may not have the same kind of magic that comes with the summer season, but I think it is at least some comfort for my missed season.

Happy birthday Tuesday to Al Crumby, Madi Thornton, Eddie Green, Elijah Jones, and Caleb Walker, all of Sherman; Eunice Overman of Pottsboro; and Deborah Casada of Farmersville.