Waiting on one’s food in the drive-thru line is not supposed to be a dangerous place, but one never knows who else might be joining that line.

Earlier this month, we reported a short story about a Sherman man being arrested for driving while intoxicated after he hit the vehicle in front of him while in the KFC/Taco Bell drive-thru at the Sherman Town Center. No one was injured in the incident, but the police were called and the man admitted to drinking before he drove to the restaurant.

It was an interesting story because of what we thought was the rarity of the situation. When we posted a link to that story on our Facebook page, a couple of the commenters showed us the incident wasn’t that rare.

One person tagged someone else in the comments asking whether that was the incident she was involved in. The second woman said it wasn’t her, but she’d had a similar incident in the Taco Bell drive-thru in Denison. And sure enough, a few days later, we found a Denison Police report of a suspect being arrested for driving while intoxicated after creating a disturbance in a Denison drive-thru.

Maybe it’s just an odd coincidence, or maybe it’s that intoxicated people just really love Taco Bell. If I had to guess, I’d pick the former, as I know a number of people who don’t drive while intoxicated that love Taco Bell, and I was once in a tiny collision in a drive-thru that was not even a Mexican food restaurant.

Years ago, while on my dinner break from the paper I was working for at the time, I was going through the Popeye’s drive-thru when the truck behind me ran into my bumper. Since he was traveling at a few miles per hour, it didn’t cause any damage, but he didn’t win any fans when he told me it likely just knocked some dirt off my car.

He seemed completely sober, so I let it go, but I wouldn’t have hesitated if he appeared tipsy.

Happy birthday Tuesday to Billy Wilson of Sherman; Bryan C. Hall and Patricia Shaw, both of Denison; and Kaitlynn Kirby of Allen.

Happy anniversary to Charles and Marian Meader of Sherman, 72 years; and David and Susan Ertel of Denison, 52 years.