Say what you want, but this summer has been the craziest thing as far as temperatures are concerned. First it seemed like it was never going to get warm. Then it did for a while, but it kept on losing its bite every week or so. And now, it seems as though autumn might come early.

I can recall temperatures in the 100s for weeks on end at this time period in some years. I am not, of course, complaining about the recent weather. But I am concerned about what it might mean for the future. Does it mean we will have an early fall or does it mean the heat we usually have a this time of the year will come later? Will we be hanging our Christmas lights in shorts and still running the air conditioner?

One just doesn’t have any way to tell with the crazy weather we have been having this year. Of course, I guess it could go the other way and we could all end up perfecting our snowman building skills and buy snow chains. Oh, my goodness, I hope that doesn’t happen. We, as a group, don’t tend to drive very well on anything slick. And I know my police friends don’t look forward to watching people try to get up local hills and then slide back down. Those days are a pain for everyone but the children who get to spend them sliding down hills on boxes or garbage pail lids.

Reading this, I am amazed at how picky I have become about the weather. I remember when a snow day meant a fun day and a hot day was a reason to visit a pool. But those days are gone and now the sound of snow on the roof brings to mind the newspapers that might not get delivered and the folks who might not make it home because the roads are treacherous. And the heat reminds me that many folks are going to break down in the hot sun and need help while others will not be able to afford the life-saving air conditioning that they may need.

It is funny how growing up changes the way one sees things as innocent as the weather.

Happy birthday Friday to Debbie Hughley Doggins and Wesley Bevels both of Sherman; William Forest Pritchett; Payton Kirby of Allen; Bryce Ingram and Kristina DeHorney, both of Dallas.

Happy anniversary Friday to Al and Lorene Giles of Pottsboro, 66 years.