It was an appropriate send-off for one of Texoma's most historic landmarks.

A group of car collectors gave the old Carpenter's Bluff Bridge one more run on Tuesday. The single-lane bridge across the Red River was originally constructed for trains, then carried horses and wagons followed by the automobile. A new bridge has been in the works for more than a decade and was opened last month.

But on Tuesday, drivers — many in classic cars — traversed the bridge one last time. A Facebook video produced by Classic Car Liquidator seemed to stir memories for some.

Here's what one commenter had to say:

“I grew up 2 miles away from this bridge for 16 years on Memory Lane in Oklahoma. I have so many memories that actually happened at the bluff, though.

“First time I actually jumped off a bridge because my friends were doing it. Pun intended. …

“First time I ever got stoned with all my childhood friends. (You know who you are).”

At a ceremony opening the new bridge, Grayson County Commissioner David Whitlock offered his own perspective.

“At the old bridge, you had to wait your turn to cross,” Whitlock said. “And sometimes, you had to wait quite some time.”

In a 2015 column, Herald Democrat columnist Donna Hunt offered this anecdote:

“Kenneth H. 'Tootie' Little operated a busy little grocery store and service station on the Texas side for 17 years. When I interviewed him back in 1983 he said he could remember crossing the bridge as a youngster on a wagon pulled by two mules, hauling corn to Denison. On at least one such trip, the mules ran away half way across the span when they met a train going in the opposite direction. One mule snapped a bridle, but luckily the team was stopped at the other end of the hanging bridge. It may be a fact or it may be fiction, but tales were told of 'real horse' behavior when crossing the bridge simultaneously with an 'iron horse.'”

The old bridge is closed for now, but will eventually be reopened as a pedestrian crossing and will continue to stir memories for many.

Happy birthday Wednesday to Randy Rowland, Corrie Wright and Elmer Robertson, all of Sherman; Jacob Brewer of Denison; Brian Krantz of Howe; and Jessica Callender of Denver, Colorado; and Robert Gattis of Southmayd.

Happy anniversary Wednesday to Dean and Dara Arrington of Gunter, 29 years.