Sometimes we get so wrapped up in life and work that time passes much quicker than expected. That was the case for me last week when we realized the Sherman Chamber of Commerce’s and Denison Area Chamber of Commerce’s annual new teacher luncheons were taking place.

It seems like it was just a couple weeks ago that we covered the last day of school and graduation at area schools, so I thought, “It couldn’t be time for back-to-school preparations already.”

But I was wrong.

While we’re still a little way away from students going back to classes, all the big department stores have put out their school supplies and are having back-to-school sales. And all my teacher friends, and my spouse, are making plans for their final days of freedom before they return to their schools to begin preparations for a new year.

I would think that has to be the biggest, and possibly only, problem with having nearly three months off every summer — the end of that time often can sneak up sooner than expected.

Everyone I spoke to about the recent new teacher luncheons said they were both great affairs that left everyone in attendance excited about the coming school year. Personally, I think they’re a great way to welcome new teachers to the local communities and I hope they are a tradition that continues for a long time to come.

Happy birthday Sunday to Hayden Lillis and Pat Robinson of Sherman; and Scarlett Annelise Carson of Denison.

Happy anniversary Sunday to Bill and Karen Gillespie of Denison, 46 years.

Happy birthday Monday to Andrea Shannon and Rosa Niblet, both of Sherman; Margaret Rush of Denison; Tracy Goldston of Dorchester; and Daisy Gude of Fort Worth.

Happy anniversary Monday to Tim and Gayle Brown of Bells, 35 years.