Last week, the city of Denison came one step closer to having its first dedicated food truck park in town. As someone who has seen the successes some of these trucks can have, I am curious to see what they can bring to downtown Denison.

As a bit of background, I came to Texoma from the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex where food trucks have been commonplace for the better part of a decade. I noticed quickly that food trucks often brought a level of creativity and experimentation that you usually wouldn’t see in a normal restaurant.

In short, you can find food on a food truck that you likely won’t find anywhere else.

One of my first experiences with food trucks was in about 2010 with a truck that sells Bánh mì sandwiches. By the time I left Dallas for Texoma, the owners were operating multiple trucks selling the Asian fusion sandwiches. From there my experiences with food trucks expanded to cover a myriad of cuisines and food styles, ranging from vegan barbecue to Indian offerings.

These were not simple burgers.

When I was in college, a part of my weekly routine would be to go to a food truck on campus for currywurst each Monday before my afternoon classes. Each Thursday before club meetings, I would go for fish and chips at another food truck that was a modified British double-decker bus. Most recently, I was able to try peanut chicken satay over rice and vegetables while attending a conference in Fort Worth this summer.

In the Metroplex, there are dedicated parks for food trucks, but they were often on a larger scale than Denison — and that scale will be the test for Denison. Is the community big enough to support trucks like these? With Dallas, there is a multi-million person market to draw from throughout the region.

Many people are willing to travel to eat. With Denison, the market is noticeably smaller, and it will be a test to bring in the crowds needed to support the businesses. However, Dallas proves that these businesses can, in fact, succeed.

Happy birthday Friday to Barbara Taylor of Denison; Louanne Booker and Alma Clark, both of Sherman; Joyce Smith Sonnamaker; and Massie L. Taylor of Pasadena, California.

Happy anniversary Friday to Otis and Dorothy Jean Belt of Agusta, Georgia, 45 years.