Stepping outside to the coolish damp weather Wednesday morning made my heart race as my mind thought about the coming of fall.

Thinking about fall made me think about Halloween and thinking about Halloween made me think about candy. Thinking about candy made me want to make a candy run.

I didn’t really have time for that, but I did run by a store very quickly to get a notepad because I had forgotten all of mine at the office. So while I was at the store, I look around at the candy.

I found something I thought I was going to love — champagne gummy bears. They came in a little bitty bag for around $1 and included Brut and Rose flavors. I should mention they were also non-alcoholic. When I asked in the newsroom if anyone wanted to try one, I didn’t get any takers. So, I was forced to try them for myself. Anyone who wants a sugar rush would do well to get a bag. In fact, the sweetness was a bit overwhelming. And, truth be told, I didn’t really taste any champagne. But my biggest complaint was that they didn’t bubble on my tongue. I mean bubbles are a huge part of the allure of champagne, right?

Why would one package a candy flavored like champagne without making it fizzy?

The gummy bears were just one thing that caught my eye as I waited for several families to check out with their cart loads of school supplies. I also tried dark chocolate candies flavored with acai and blueberry filling. Those were worth the trip to the store on their own, even though I couldn’t actually distinguish a difference in the two flavors.

I must mention that while I was at the store, I saw black Post-it notes. I was looking at them when this woman walked past me and then turned around and exclaimed how excited she was to see black Post-it notes. I must admit I was quite impressed with the idea too. But then I wondered what one would use to write on them so that it could be seen. “Black and silver pens,” the woman replied as though she had been waiting her whole life to say those words. She and I both looked around but the store hadn’t put any such pens out on display. If the store is going to try to sell the black notes, they ought to put the pens that will show up on them on the same display.

Happy birthday to Joyce Smith Sonnamaker; Barbara Taylor of Denison; Massie L. Taylor of Pasadena, Calif.