I’ve always thought the term “dog days of summer” was coined to refer to August, so I have to express my surprise that the weather wasn’t unbelievably hot on Tuesday. And looking at the forecast for the area for the rest of the week, it’s not going to be too bad of a start to the new month.

July was a tough one to get through. It seemed like every time I stepped outside I was hit by a wall of heat that was punishing and utterly unforgiving. So when I realized the heavy cloud cover Monday was keeping the temperature from reaching its normally devastating peak, I thought that was a great way to end the month, but I never thought it would continue past that one day.

We ended up getting a little rain Tuesday and there’s a chance we could get more on Wednesday. There’s only a 30 percent chance of seeing showers, but that’s certainly 30 percent I’ll take — especially when it means the high for the day is only expected to get up to 87 degrees.

On Thursday, we’re likely to see the clouds dissipate for the day as it’s scheduled to be mostly sunny with a high of 91 degrees, but the chance of rain will return that evening. The weather experts are currently pegging that chance at 40 percent Thursday night for showers and thunderstorms. And that will only increase Friday as there’s a 50 percent chance of more showers and thunderstorms that day with a high temperature slated to be near 86 degrees.

The forecast for the weekend says things could get better for a while, but there’s still a chance we could see more showers and thunderstorms. The chance of precipitation will rise from 20 percent Saturday to 30 percent that evening and 40 percent all day Sunday.

That could ruin some weekend plans for area residents, but as difficult as it can be to deal with inconvenient rain, I’d rather that if it means it’s going to continue to keep the temperature out of the 90s.

Happy birthday Tuesday to Lonnie Majors and Shirley Cantwell, both of Sherman; Donna Claunch Trice of Plano; John K. Ertle of Temple; and Johnny Jones of Oklahoma.

Happy anniversary Tuesday to Willard and Mary Curry of Sherman, 36 years.

Happy birthday Wednesday to Steve Lyons of Sherman; and Vicki Watson of Celina.