For those who haven’t been following our coverage, the past two weeks has been a wild ride.

The Highport Marina experienced a massive dock fire. Grayson County announced the firing of two top officials within the Fire Marshal’s Office. A Whitewright police officer was fired after he let Tom Bean City Council member Ben Vincent off on an alleged DWI. Vincent was then arrested days later for intoxicated assault. And that’s just some of the biggest stories we covered.

While we’ve devoted considerable resources to those, there have also been many positive things happening.

Three Sherman Police Department officers received promotions. Community volunteer Harold Wright was honored by the county. And a collaboration between Sherman ISD and Austin College benefited the young students and college grads.

If someone had told me that my first year as a reporter would involve such extreme contrasts and such an onslaught of breaking news, I wouldn’t have believed it. I’ve done my best to pull my weight as all of this has unfolded, but my coworkers have displayed such dedication and stamina, that I would be remiss if I failed to commend them. They’ve worked well into the night, remained persistent and fair in their coverage and most impressive of all, they’ve managed to stay not only upright, but in good spirits throughout it all.

I could not feel more fortunate to be a part of this newsroom. I think it’s safe to say that we were all glad to see the arrival of the weekend and I have no doubt that we’ll be ready to get to work next week and report all the news that matters to our community.

Happy birthday Sunday to Etta Slate, Michael Looper and Tre Evans, all of Sherman; Sherry Rhyne of Denison; Amanda Morrow and Kenzie Howdeshell, both of Bonham; Joe Barret of Whitesboro; Howard Horton of Bells; and Becca Hutt Williams of Fort Worth.

Happy anniversary Sunday to Regina and John Wills of Rowlett, 40 years.

Happy birthday Monday to Randy Harmon of Denison; Byron Holloway, Margaret Kemp, Melinda Austin, Derrick Harris, Kenya Keller, Anthony Holland and David Lewis McBurnett, all of Sherman; Kendall Cook of Greenville; Mary Durham Mackey of Bryan; Donna Cook Hannah of McKinney; Elayne Tetty of Trenton; and Rashun Rido of Friendswood.