It has been just over one year since the smart phone game Pokemon Go launched, bringing with it a sense of nostalgia for many people who grew up in the late 1990s. While the initial buzz has died down to some degree, the local enthusiasm for the game still seems strong.

Despite stepping away from it for a while, like many people at the initial launch, I have found myself drawn back to the game recently due to that connection to my childhood and curiosity of how the game has changed this past year.

The mobile game allows users to capture Pokemon out in the actual world using GPS data and preprogrammed landmarks across the globe. Teams of players can then compete against each other for control of these areas.

I jumped on the Pokemon bandwagon in the late 90s with the first generation of the game. While I’ve continued to play each generation of games since then, my fondest memories go back to the first and second generations of the games.

In recent months, I’ve seen stories about updates to the game that have added content to the game ranging from the inclusion of the second generation of pocket monsters to raid events that let groups of players team up to take on stronger versions of monsters for the chance to capture Pokemon and get in-game items.

This seemed like the perfect time to catch up with the game. Thursday night, I decided to try one that was taking place a few blocks from my home.

When the game launched, there was an instant fan base with millions of players. While the number of players has dwindled some, I was surprised by the number of people who were still gathering for the group events. Not only did the size of the crowds surprise me, but I was also surprised by the wide range of people who were playing. Part of me thinks it may be that same sense of nostalgia that caught me the first time around.

Happy birthday Saturday to Chadwick Jones of Dallas; Sylvia Taylor Finch of Phoenix, Arizona; Rebecca Johnston Donnell of Roseville, California; Robert McMurdo Gillespie; and Rebecca Hall.

Happy anniversary to Saturday to Jim and Sharon Rodgers of Howe, 50 years; and Glenn and Cyndy Hancock of Denison, 40 years.