After nearly 17 months, my son finally got his first haircut this week.

That seems like a long time to wait before finally getting him a trim, but the boy was really slow in growing hair. He often looked as much like an old man as a baby during the first few months of his life because of his little bald head. But eventually he did start growing hair, but it mainly just came in on the sides and the back.

And that made him look even more like an old man, especially when it started getting long and bushy.

A family member remarked that the boy looked like Peter Boyle in his role as Frank on “Everybody Loves Raymond” and I had to agree. My wife and I also thought, in his hair’s wilder moments, that he looked a bit like a pint-size Larry David from “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

As the months wore on, the hair in the back and on the sides grew longer and longer, but he still had very little on the top. It got to the point a month ago where my wife wanted to get him a haircut, but we never got around to it. That didn’t much bother me as I quite enjoyed his “crazy old man look,” as I nicknamed it, but eventually, it got to the point where even I acknowledged it was time for a cut.

So when my wife and I were recently coming out of a grocery store with the boy and noticed a nearby chain salon, we decided the time had finally come.

The shop wasn’t busy when we entered, but it also didn’t have any decorations geared toward kids, so I quickly inquired as to whether they could handle our little one. They said they could and quickly went to get the man that clearly had the best manner with children.

He came out with a booster seat and a colorful robe covered in cartoon characters. My wife and I confirmed it was the boy’s first haircut ever and we were assured he would be fine.

And our son was fine, for the first three-quarters of the haircut.

His new barber decided to leave the little hair my son has on the top of his head alone and just trim the back and sides. My wife and I both pulled out our phones to get pictures of the haircut and the boy just sat there quietly looking a little confused about exactly what was going on.

As the haircut neared its conclusion, my son started to get a little fidgety, so we freed his arms from underneath the colorful robe and that seemed to satisfy him for a little while. But it was when the clippers came out for the finishing touches that the waterworks started.

I was worried my wife and I would start crying during the haircut as well, but we managed to fight off any tears.

Luckily, the finishing touches didn’t take long and I was able to scoop him up as soon as the whole ordeal was over, though I also managed to get a quick picture of him crying. That will go in his baby book along with the little lock of hair my wife picked up from what was cut.

Both my and my wife’s hair is very dark, so his very blond hair is really confounding. We figure it will eventually darken, but that lock will be good proof that his hair is as blond as it currently is once it finally happens.

William C. Wadsack is the managing editor of the Herald Democrat and a first-time father. He never realized just how expensive children could be until the birth of his son. Email him at Follow him on Twitter @WCWadsackHD.