These recent hot days give rise to memories of beating the heat while growing up in Sherman.

In the early ’50s our family started with a large evaporative cooler in the front part of our house with lots of open windows in other rooms. Our front door and backdoor stood open with only the screens separating one from the great, and very hot, outdoors.

A few years later, we graduated to window unit air conditioners in selected rooms. Gradually, we had enough units to cool the entire house. And years later, a major renovation to our home brought about the miracle of central air.

Many families with children had small inflatable pools in the backyard, which were of some help. And, running through the sprinkler was always reliable for some immediate relief.

However, the gemstone for beating the summer heat in Sherman had to be the old swimming pool, located at what is now the northeast corner of West Houston and Sam Rayburn Freeway.

And to be honest, sometimes it really wasn’t possible to “beat the heat.” Sometimes we just coped. As a Sherman High School graduate, class of ‘67, I can honestly say that none of the schools I attended were air-conditioned.

At times, we even liked it. Whenever the mowing crew came along, instruction would have to pause long enough for the noise to abate so we could continue.

I hope you are finding great success in whatever methods you are employing to beat our current heat. And, we can rejoice in knowing that cooler days will come.

Happy birthday to Walt Butterworth, Doris Miller and Jack Wayne Milton, all of Denison; Nancy McEwen Hunt of Boise Idaho; Jolene Elliot and Kyra Jacobs both of Sherman; Arvella Wells of Tampa, Florida; Lisa Simmons of Whitesboro; Meda Beaty, Neta Krouse of Collinsville;