In our nearly 250 years as a nation, America has accomplished many remarkable things and chief among those might be the 1969 moon landing, which celebrated its 48th anniversary last week. July 20th passed with little fanfare this year, though it is sure to be a major event in 2019 when we reach the 50th anniversary of the occasion.

I grew up fascinated by space, so I’ve long consumed any books, movies and television shows I could find on NASA and the space program, but I was recently surprised to learn that it’s nearly been 45 years since anyone has walked on the moon. That means the dreams of me and millions of children to someday be astronauts and have our own chance to visit the moon were in vain.

After Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon on July 20, 1969, just 10 more men duplicated their feat, and each of those instances was in the following three and a half years. Eugene Cernan, the commander of the Apollo 17 mission, was the last person back on the lunar module during his December 1972 mission, so as of today, he was the last man to walk on the moon. Cernan passed away earlier this year.

I know NASA has announced plans to go to Mars and though I may have missed my chance to become an astronaut, I hope we’ll see some new American heroes stepping foot on a heavenly body before too long.

Happy birthday Tuesday to Karissa Cox, Monique Davis, Herbert Allen, Ze’Quan Walker and Lizzie Briggs, all of Sherman; Lyla Joy Butler of Van Alstyne; and David Lawhon of Arlington.

Happy anniversary Tuesday to Ernest and Lois Wigington of Denison, 47 years; Keith and Karol Hughes of Gordonville, 46 years; McKinley and Mary L. Keller of Sherman, 36 years; Rhonda and Rusty Arrington of Gunter, 30 years; and Mike and Erica Pleasant of Sherman.