As the heat just keeps building over us here in Texoma, it occurs to me that the summer is really just about over. At least it is for school children.

Local stores are already filling their aisles with school supplies and backpacks. Bathing suits are being replaced by jeans and shoes suitable for school.

Partially because I once thought about being a teacher, my social media feeds are filled with teachers, former teachers and probably some future teachers, and I have been enjoying their discussions about what they are going to do differently this year. Those discussions make me so hopeful for the education my niece is getting and is going to continue getting right here in local public schools.

For her part, my niece said she is ready to go back to school. We are not, however, ready for her to go back to school. The child has been growing like crazy this summer. And finding clothing that is both school and weather appropriate for a little girl is not always as easy as one might think. But I am digressing. It must be the heat.

I was talking about the school supplies. Generally, about this time of the year, I write a piece about how much I love school supplies. This year, I was walking through a local store when I saw something round in a display. I stopped and looked at it and it was a ruler that will wrap around a student’s wrist. One just holds it out straight and then taps it on the wrist and it becomes a bracelet. How cool is that?

OK, maybe it is less cool to the teachers who might have to deal with all of that slapping. The kid craze that I have yet to even hold in my supply-loving hands is a fidget spinner. I was planning on getting my darling one. Then this morning on the infotainment program I watch in the mornings, they said those things are starting to catch fire all by themselves. I guess that is one item that is coming off our back to school list. What’s on yours?

What’s on your list?

Happy birthday Saturday to Jessica Babers and Kathy Gillett, both of Denison; and Lora Neely, Anthony Woodson, Michael Woodson, and Donte’ Green, all of Sherman;

Happy anniversary Saturday to Wesley and Alicia Evans of Sherman, 11 years; Randy and Linda Henson of Dexter, 22 years; and Bob and Rosie Pellman of Pottsboro, 4 years.