If life has taught me one thing in my 30 plus years on this world, it would be that some things break no matter what you do. Wear and tear happens to everything we use, and ourselves for that matter, and it often shows at the most inopportune times. In some cases, when the damage is not severe, it becomes a question of repairing or replacing the broken object or just working with what you have.

In my case, I have decided to just grin and bear it.

This started a couple weeks ago when I was getting out of my car. I have had my beloved 2004 model Chevrolet since about 2009 when I purchased it while in college. Since then, it hasn’t given me much trouble, but given its age I know it won’t be around forever.

As I opened my car door at work, I heard a small popping sound. Given the age of the car, I began to worry that something big had broken, and went out to check around the car to see if anything was amiss. Behind me, the car door slowly began to close by itself.

It wasn’t until I had fully rounded the car and gotten back inside that I noticed the door continued to close on its own. After further inspection, I found that a small catch on the hinge inside the door that keeps it from closing had broken after 13 years of dutiful service.

The door itself still works otherwise. While it no longer remains open, it thankfully still fulfills its other duty: staying closed.

After looking up repairs online, I quickly found that the small part would be a big headache to repair. While I likely could do it on my own, it would require the disassembly and removal of the door itself from the frame.

Considering all the details, I’ve been debating the cost and reward of fixing it and if it is truly worth it in the long run. It is only a minor inconvenience to me, and right now it is one I am comfortable just living with.

Happy birthday Friday to Susan Ertel of Denison; Teresa Morgan of Sherman; Edna Terflinger and Richard Pemberton, both of Howe; Gavin Atkins of Bonham; Landon Jaresh of Collinsville; and Manuel Freire of Tuscon, Arizona.

Happy anniversary Friday to Arthur and Lyna Pinkston of Anna, 56 years.