Though the mercury is rising out there and the air conditioners are humming away, many folks might be humming Christmas carols under their breath today as they take part in Amazon Prime Day.

I have never taken part in the day, since I am not an Amazon Prime customer, but I wondered if it is worth all of the buzz and put a call out on social media for folks to tell me their thoughts.

And tell me they did. My friend Dina Ghram, said she loves to Christmas shop on Amazon and gets most of it done on Prime Day.

“What’s cool about Amazon — for me at least- is the uniqueness of gifts,” Ghram said.

Local attorney Bobbie Cate said she also loves Prime Day. In fact, she said, she was already looking for deals on Monday.

Also Sandra Brown of Sherman said

Those who, like me, prefer usually to shop at brick and mortar stores, might not know that Amazon Prime Day includes new deals starting as often as every five minutes on everything from music to videos to reading.

You do have to be an Amazon Prime member. My pro-Amazon friends, however, were quick to point out that even though I am not, I can get a free 30-day trial.

Other retailers aren’t just letting the mega-retailer run away with the day though. A story on CNBC said up to 76 percent of Prime Day shoppers will visit other online stores to research their purchases and logic says that many of those might purchase their item from the other retailers if Amazon’s price isn’t the best. Websites expected to offer the most competition for Prime Day include Target, Best Buy, Home Depot and Lowes.

Happy birthday Tuesday to Linda Baze, Ronda Hayden and Kim Phelps, all of Sherman; Thomas Mullins of Denison; T. W. Johnson of Dallas; Sanddra Payne Kennedy of Terrell; and Carrol Carrington of Kathleen, Georgia.

Happy anniversary Tuesday to Char and Derek Lynch of Sherman, 20 years.