I really love to tell people how great a city Sherman is to live and work in and this year’s Lights on the Lake sure gave me a lot to talk about. The band, Three Dog Night, was wonderful and the fireworks were awe-inspiring.

As I sat in my bag chair looking around at the people who had brought their children, grandchildren and dogs with them to the display, I was impressed by the different methods of showing red, white and blue pride people came up with for the event.

Little kids are easy because every store sells red, white and blue outfits for them that are full of glitter and sparkle. Older people are little harder to outfit with all of that bling. One pair of women I saw had compensated for that by donning red, white and blue top hats with glasses that Elton John would have envied.

Others painted their hair various colors of patriotic devotion. I love my country and flag, but I am not sure that is a route I would ever take. Still, I did think their courage impressive. Some people brought bag chairs in patriotic colors and others threw down blankets that resembled the flag.

In addition to the music and the fashion, I was impressed by the way the crowd mixed with each other at the event. There were police officers there and lots of security, but I don’t think I heard anyone raise their voice in anger the entire time we were there. Everyone seemed eager and willing to help one another and let things go easily. The lines to get concessions were long as were the lines for the public facilities, but everyone seemed to take that in stride as well.

Perhaps the most nerve-wracking part of the whole experience was leaving the venue after the awesome fireworks display. We were fortunate because a police officer stuck her head in our window and alerted us to a shortcut to get out of the giant line of headlights.

Though I didn’t go to the Denison fireworks display or the one in Van Alstyne or the one in Durant, Oklahoma, I have heard from people who said they were each fantastic as well. We are really blessed in the Grayson County area to have a number of safe ways to observe summer’s brightest holiday.

Happy birthday Thursday to Virgie Coney of Denison; Bryson Collins of Sherman; and Ramona Palmers.