One of the things I love about being a newspaper reporter is that I have many opportunities to get away from my desk and out of the office.

Some days, I’m more than happy to sit in front of the computer and answer phone calls as they come in, but it’s almost always a treat to be sent out into the field. My assignments have taken me to some pretty unique locations and some definitely stand out more than others. I’ve stood on the edge of a runway as aerobatic planes screamed past and I’ve even climbed inside the ever-changing sandstone caves at Eisenhower State Park to interview someone.

There aren’t too many jobs where one gets those kinds of opportunities.

This week, I was sent to take photos of the Hubbard Furniture Co. in Denison after it was announced that the store will soon close after 69 years. Third generation store owner Marcus Hubbard gave me the tour of the building and the space was absolutely filled with used appliances and furniture of every style.

The collection of items created for a truly eclectic space, but one that felt strangely comfortable and familiar. Everywhere I looked, there were little pieces of other people’s homes and lives. I couldn’t help but envision a family sitting down for a meal together at the dining table now for sale and all the TV shows that had been watched from the overstuffed recliner on display.

Hubbard continued the tour and took me upstairs, where he stopped at what appeared to a be a blank section of wall. He then cracked open a secret, wallpapered door within the wall and invited me inside what was previously used as an apartment. The place wasn’t exactly move-in ready, but it had the bones of a great residence. And most impressive of all, the space boasted a large, full-color mural which took up an entire wall.

Had I simply walked past the furniture store on my day off, I honestly wouldn’t have thought much of it. It was only when I stepped inside that I discovered a beautiful hidden space and realized that much of the furniture came with their own stories.

Happy birthday Thursday to Chasity Hanson, Kevin Rudd and Michael Hall, all of Sherman; and Randy Tew of Denison.

Happy anniversary Thursday to Pam and Jeff Wallace of Luella, 38 years.