I’m not a father, but I hope to be one someday.

I often find myself thinking about the joy, heartache and responsibility that will come along with the job. I imagine that the first will strongly outweigh the other two.

I think I’m off to a good start. I have a lot of great examples to study — a dad who has modeled a great work ethic I want to pass on, a father-in-law whose patience I hope to emulate, as well as other dads from whom I pick and chose traits and parenting styles I hope to implement.

I’m sure that in the heat of a frustrated moment, when I’m sleep deprived and worried about things far into the future that will be out of my control, I’ll come up short some of the time. But perhaps, even in those moments, I’ll be able to model a bit of humility.

So for all you dads out there who have already walked this path and set great examples for your children, enjoy your day. Be proud of the children you’ve raised and are molding; revel in the responsibility of laying the foundation for a life well lived; and remember that you may have other future dads watching you to learn how to be the best father they can be.

Happy Father’s Day to all the current — and future — dads.

Happy birthday Sunday to Tim Johnston, Sydney Sexton, and Tanecia Deckard, all of Sherman; Nelie Rue of Whitesboro; Ralph Thomas of Pottsboro; and Sandy Barnes.

Happy birthday Monday to P.J. Hickman of Pottsboro; Amaudiah Shin, Shawn Spratt, Mcqueaster Collins, Conaney Walker, and Ja’Mae Lynn Dixon, all of Sherman; Tinishia Jones of Denison; Sharea Holland of Lubbock; Alton Bowman of Flower Mound; Otha Lee Usrey of Blue Mound; and Tom Lockhart of Olympia, Washington.